We Hate Fantasy Football, We Just Won’t Admit It

Lets start from here, I have been off the grid in terms of writing. I am back and more furious and annoyed than ever. We are four weeks into the fantasy football season and things we have learned and drive us wild as nerds.


1)      Zach Sudfeld is a joke, this guy was toted real high as being the guy to fill in for Rob Gronkowski while he gets healthy.Numerous reports out from mini-camp all the way to organized team activities then to training camp. Everyone was raving about him, thinking Belichek can plug him and he’ll be the next guy, then be the next Aaron Hernandez type player. Sudfeld is nowhere to be seen, I couldn’t tell you what he looks like if he walked into a grocery store and Gronkowski is still out and the Patriots are still driving people crazy, on to my next point.

2)      This New England backfield is a mess, week one Shane Vereen showed why everyone was high on him. Rushing for 101 yards, seven catches for 58 yards. That is PPR gold, he gets hurt. We think Stevan Ridley is the guy we all hoped for, the player to get all of the carries. He’s average 3.7 yards per carry for 174 yards. Kill me now, just end it and we are only four weeks into the season.

3)      Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice and C.J Spiller have driven many owners off cliffs. They are gone not here anymore. And this is what we get now four weeks in, Rice and Spiller are buy-lows. Ray Rice is averaging 29.7 yards per game. Hold on, let me go drink the ricin that Walter White gave to Lydia in the series finale of Breaking Bad. Now on to CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson is back to driving owners crazy. Laron Landry needs to lay Fred Jackson out once again. These are first round picks by the way, top ten picks. I hate football. If you have Jones-Drew. Hold on, hahahaha just drop him, I bet he’ll clear waivers. Ok, he might not but you get the point.

4)      Peyton Manning: he is this year’s Adrian Peterson. You play against him you lose. Go home, take the loss and move on. Every year a player performs so well teams don’t have a chance. In 2010 it was Michael Vick, in 2011 it was Calvin Johnson, this past year it was Adrian Peterson. Now the guy is Peyton Manning, sixteen touchdowns through four games. Let me go cry into a corner. Players like that just carry teams in the fantasy season.

5)      Where in the heck is the free agent running back you add in week one? This season has been a dreadful year for running backs, as a mentioned in section three, but there has been no guy to add. It’s just a bunch of Branden Bolden’ and Jason Snellings. Those guys will give you a good week but are trash. You’re just praying the football gods are in your favor.

6)      Randomness: Football is random, whether you like it or not it is random. Now take that random sport and bring it down to individuals, now take those individuals from their team and put them on your team combined with other players. And now you have fantasy football.

You can have a team of consistent players who put up points every week but here comes the team that just explodes against YOU but then puts up eighty points the next week. Welcome to fantasy football. A team can have good/great players but if they don’t put it together all in one week but in player x puts up twenty points in week one and player y puts up five points that same week. Yet player y scores thirty five points the following week and X scores ten points, what do you have?

We are now entering the byes, I can’t wait to see some of the teams who are unlucky on the bye weeks and score fifty points. This is the time some teams are at the bottom of the pile and lose interest. Here come the easy wins that you will love and hate later in the year because you might be bumped out of the playoffs.