Hakeem Nicks Rips Into Eli Manning, Magnifies Issues with the New York Giants

Courtesy of NFL.com: Is Nicks just looking out for his own bottom line?

Courtesy of NFL.com: Is Nicks just looking out for his own bottom line?

Maybe Hakeem Nicks isn’t happy about his lack of production on the field. Maybe he’s just not happy with the lack of a contract extension. Maybe he’s simply upset about the New York Giants disastrous 0-3 start to the 2013 season.

Either way, the veteran receiver thought it made sense to lash out at his Super Bowl -winning quarterback Eli Manning after the Giants 38-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday when speaking about his lack of production thus far this season. 

It’s part of the game… You’ve got to control what you can control. I can’t throw it to myself.

Nicks failed to point out that Manning was sacked a total of seven times and didn’t have a chance to find his receivers on the outside. Carolina’s defensive front absolutely dominated the Giants offensive line at every turn, which forced Manning into quick throws as the game progressed. After all, the Giants had less than two dozen total yards at halftime. How exactly does Nicks think Manning can succeed under that type of pressure?

The veteran may actually want to start calling out his running backs and offensive line for the Giants lack of success early this season. It’s either that or he could bite his tongue when speaking to the media.

At 0-3, the Giants are in bad shape right now. Since 1990, only 2.8 percent of the teams that have started 0-3 have made the postseason. They have issues at running back, along the offensive line, at linebacker and in the defensive secondary.

In short, it’s a complete and utter mess in New Jersey right now.

Spouting off to the media about not getting the necessary targets simply isn’t going to change the fact that Manning has been sacked 11 times in three games. Better protection upfront will enable Nicks to register enough targets to make an impact. That’s all there is to it.

Then again, he could just be looking out for his bottom line. Nicks is in a contract year and another down season may limit the amount of interest he receives on the open market. If that’s true, the Giants have more to worry about than an 0-3 start. They simply could be a team filled with individuals more worried about themselves than the unit as a whole. At the very least, that seems to be the case with Nicks.


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