NFL Draft: Week 2 Prospect Matchup Reviews

The week two matchup card was lacking some huge prospect matchups, however, the main event saw two heavy weights at the top of their class go at it.

By PFC Draft Writer: David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen

Preliminary match #1
Miami Right Tackle Seantrel Henderson vs Florida Defensive End Dominique Easley.

In the away corner was #2 for the Gators standing at 6’2 282 lbs Dominique Easley

Courtesy         VS      .Courtesy


In the home corner was #77 Seantrel Henderson standing at 6’8 336 lbs.

The winning team’s, the Hurricanes, offense struggled throughout the day but capitalized on big plays to bring home the win. Causing a vast majority of the problems was Easley. Easley moved around from five technique to head up on the center through out the whole game. Easley has one of the most consistent and explosive get offs in college football. He is in the chest of the linemen almost immediately, which caused problems all day. If he did not make the tackle for a loss, linebackers were there to clean up.

Henderson had a mediocre showing on Saturday. He sets the edge on stretch plays well as he can seal off defenders easily with his huge frame. He attacks defenders with too high of a punch, where he loses leverage. There were times he would lunge to early and completely whiff on his block. If he were to become more patient and focus on leverage more he could become a good player in the NFL. He has good strength and agility that is serviceable.

This game was stolen by Easley’s performance, even though his team lost, scouts were shown who Dominique Easley was. An explosive and powerful player who consistently delivers an abundance of splash plays and often does his job on the field. When the two prospects were matched up Henderson could not handle Easley’s explosion out of his stance.
Scorers Card: Winner: Dominique Easley. Easley wins easily.

Preliminary match up #2

Virginia Left Tackle Morgan Moses #78 vs Oregon’s Defensive End #66 Taylor Hart and Outside Linebacker #25 Boseko Lokombo

Coming out of the away corner was #66  Defensive End Taylor Hart standing 6’6 292 lbs and #25 Boseko Lokombo standing 6’3 233 lbs.

Lokombo  Taylor Hart     VS            Courtesy


Coming out of the home corner was #78 Left Tackle Morgan Moses standing 6’6″ 325 lbs.

Virginia would only total 298 yards throughout the game, struggling to create any plays on the outside, and were down in the game throughout. We would see Hart line up all over the defensive line and Lokombo covering tight ends, wide receivers, running backs, spy on the quarterback, and as a pass rusher. Moses would see a different type of opponent almost every play.

While seeing a power guy, like Hart, and a athletic, quick moving pass rusher, like Lokombo, Moses did good throughout.

When matched with Hart, Hart would win the leverage battle early in the play. Moses plays to high, while Hart plays low and uses his long arms to disengage quite impressively. Moses would re-anchor well against Hart’s limited pass rush abilities. In the run the two really battled it out when matched up. Hart would make plays against the interior linemen but did not fair as well versus Moses.

While dealing with Lokombo’s speed, Moses mirrored well in pass protection. He often kick slides to far back and Lokombo takes the inside route causing quarterback pressures. In the run game Lokombo is moved easily versus Moses.

Scorer’s Card: Winner Morgan Moses. Once again Moses doesn’t dominate against prospects, but does his job and makes sure they do not have a big impact on the game.

Quick Notes of the prospects:
On a Virginia 45 yard touchdown run Moses was a force on the stretch creating room with ease, and was a very impressive play.
Taylor Hart is very good at getting low, possibly due to his odd stance coming out of the blocks. His rear almost touches his feet.
Boseko Lokombo is only 233 lbs but had a pancake bullrush against the Virginia Right Tackle. Very impressive initial engagement.

Main Event

Michigan’s Left Tackle #77 Taylor Lewan vs Notre Dame’s Defensive End #7 Stephen Tuitt.

Coming out of the away corner was #7 Defensive End Stephen Tuitt standing at 6’6 303 lbs.
Tuitt      VS      Lewan

Coming out of the home corner was #77 Left Tackle Taylor Lewan standing at 6’8 302 lbs.

This was the perfect game for everyone to sit around the television and watch two big teams slug it out. Lewan and Tuitt would face up on occasion and deliver blows back and forth.

The goal of Notre Dame’s linemen is to eat up blockers and let linebackers get the stats. Lewan was able most of the game to handle Tuitt on his own, never getting him pushed to far off the line in the run game, giving Tuitt a chance to slide off and make a tackle on a passing by ball carrier. In the pass game little was expected of Tuitt versus Lewan, and Lewan routinely won. However, Tuitt would score a pick six, showing a high motor and some agility to make the catch.

Lewan lunges at defenders from time to time and is vulnerable to swim moves. Yet, he always keeps active feet and hands which is key to being a left tackle at the pro level.

Tuitt is a strong semi athletic player. He comes out of his stance to slow at this point. He does however have a punch that causes offensive linemen move backwards.

Scorer’s Card: Winner Taylor Lewan. Even though Tuitt would have a pick six, he did not get it off Lewan. Plus that play was a huge mistake by Devin Gardner. Lewan was consistent at creating lanes for the ball carrier against Tuitt, and Tuitt was able to make a couple of the tackles after 3 yard gains. Lewan’s pass protection is what made this judge score him higher through the game.