David Wilson’s Attack on Giants’ Fans and Fantasy Owners Proves He Doesn’t Get It

When you are the starting running back for a team that is just a couple years removed from winning the Super Bowl, there is going to be some pressure. When that team is located in the largest media market in the world, that pressure is only going to be magnified.

When you fumble two times, losing one, in the season opener against the division rival Dallas Cowboys, there is going to be even more pressure and criticism directed at you.

Apparently, New York Giants running back David Wilson doesn’t seem to think that those criticizing him matter all too much.


You know what matters, Mr. Wilson? Coughing up the ball two times in a close loss to Dallas. You know what matters more, Mr. Wilson? Not being able to simply protect your quarterback in one of the three plays that your only task was to do just that. You know what matters even more than those two things, Mr. Wilson? Attacking a frustrated fan base, who pays a ton of money to see a good product on the field. If it wasn’t for these fans shelling out this money, you would be irrelevant.

This is just another example of a player putting his foot in his mouth on Twitter. How about pulling an Omar Epps from The Program and actually spending time practicing the fine art of holding on to the ball? I am pretty sure Tom Coughlin wouldn’t mind you directing your frustration at your own inability to do the most simple of things on the football field, rather than attacking a strong fan base.

As it relates to fantasy football, Wilson is 100 percent correct.

If you take to Twitter to attack a NFL player because he caused your team to lose on a given week, you deserved to lose. You know why? Because you are pretty much a loser, sitting in your parents basement and criticizing individuals that will be more successful in life than you could ever imagine.

It’s fantasy football, people. Don’t go off attacking personal Twitter accounts because a specific player didn’t meet your expectations. That’s classless in pretty much every possible way.


Vincent is the head sports editor at eDraft, co-host of eDraft Sports Radio (which airs every Monday and Wednesday from 3-6 p.m. ET) and a fantasy writer for Pro Football Focus. He’s also the news director here at PFC and co-host of Football Debate Central with Ryan Riddle every Friday. He’s also a former league-wide featured columnist at Bleacher Report.