The Dreaded Sit/Start; Week One Edition

The regular season is upon us. Time for us to sit and start every single one of our players and play with our projected scores as if it’s factual. It is time for us to see what our homework can do for us, to prove to the league and mainly ourselves that we know what we are doing. But the dreaded sit and start is upon us. This will make us hate ourselves by the end of Sunday or feel like a genious for starting out guys. And most likely make me look really good or really dumb. Here are some players that peaked my interested heading into week one of the 2013 football season.



RB – Chris Johnson @ Pittsburgh

Tennessee has made it an effort building up the line for Johnson, he has the speed. He can breakout any second or he can frustrate you for 60 yards on 19 carries and drive you off a cliff. So let me tell you this. Week one is not a favorable matchup for him. Pittsburgh run defense is top notch. Giving up 3.6 yards per carry this preseason and was ranked was ranked 2nd last year if rushing defense giving up 3.7 yards a carry. Yeah Johnson might give you a couple catches and break a nice run but Pittsburgh is no joke. Save yourself the frustration and sit him.


RB – Ryan Mathews vs Houston

When it comes to Mathews he has a buzz about him entering this season, he averaged 4.7 yards per carry. And he is healthy which a good thing is when it comes to him. But week one is not a favorable matchup for him. Houston was ranked 7th last year in the run. They have Mr. Watt causing havoc, San Diego is rebuilding their offensive line. But make life easier for yourself in week one and give him a rest.

RB – Eddie Lacy @ San Francisco 

Mr. Eddie Lacy makes his NFL regular season debut as a rookie against a defense that is arguable the best last year. San Francisco’s front seven is up there with the best in the league. And Green Bay also has Aaron Rodgers under center, let’s be honest he is going to slang the ball around to his weapons on the outside. Yeah he might give Lacy a dump pass or a draw but to expect anything special against this defense is a long shot.

WR – Steve Smith vs Seattle 

AHHHH Richard Sherman will be on this man, enough said. It is more about Sherman than Steve Smith. The Carolina wideout is good, but Sherman is an all-pro, eight interceptions and his labeling himself as the best corner back in the league. He wants to back it up also. Don’t let him shut down your team as well.

Denver running backs. vs Baltimore 

I do not care that Ray Lewis is not with the Ravens anymore nor do I care about Reed either. Baltimore front seven is going to make it hell for any Bronco running back. Ngata in the middle, Daryl Smith is the addition.  Too many questions on who will get the carries, suspect pass block. One giant headache plus this is Peyton Mannings team.

QB Andy Dalton @ Chicago 

I do think AJ Green will get his points but this is about Andy Daulton. Chicago’s pass defense last year gave up an average of 6.8 yards attempt. And let’s face it,  if you are starting Dalton, you have bigger things to worry about.



RB Darren Sproles vs Atlanta

Darren Sproles is a matchup nightmare for teams, this dude is a pivotal piece of the Saints offense. A points per reception nightmare for opponents. He is going against Atlanta, the more points the Falcons put up, well it doesn’t matter. New Orleans will throw up points regardless which means points for Darren Sproles owners. He averaged eight targets per game and 5 receptions as well last year. I am starting him with confidence unless he doesn’t make it to the Superdome.


RB Reggie Bush vs Minnesota  

There is a lot of hype for Reggie Bush, new team, new deal and Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson by his side. Detroit’s offensive line is bad, real bad. But who cares when Reggie Bush gets the ball in the open space from Stafford. Week three of the preseason gave us a taste of what we can expect from Bush this year. Why not eat some of it this Sunday?

All Three of GB Wide Recievers @ San Francisco 

I am a big fan of any wide receiver that is catching balls from Aaron Rodgers. I have full confidence of him spreading the ball out against San Francisco.

RB Arian Foster @ San Diego

I feel like I have to address Arian Foster, he teams first round pick, most teams stud and as much bust label Foster has gotten in the drafts, you have to start him against San Diego. Recent reports have said he will not carry a full workload, but he is still good for a pair of scores in the redzone.