Fantasy Football Week One: Start or Sit


Fantasy Football Matchups

Now that all the mock drafts, the number crunching and the real drafts are finished, It’s time to get down to business. Most fantasy players will like their drafted rosters, but will have some decisions to make each week on who to start.

Cam Newton is playing the Seattle Seahawks in the opener, the Indianapolis Colts defense plays against the Oakland Raiders and Terrelle Pryor this week. Does this change your outlook? Without further ado, here are the start or sits for the first week of the fantasy season.

Keep in mind, this is not the article to be reading if you want to be advised to start Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson or Calvin Johnson Jr.


QB Tony Romo vs. New York Giants

QB Andrew Luck vs. Oakland

QB Josh Freeman vs. New York Jets

Expect each of the above to score a lot of points, simply based on matchups. The Giants, Jets, and Raiders all have bad defenses, and Romo, Luck and Freeman will be able to exploit them early and often.


QB Matt Schaub vs. San Diego

QB Eli Manning vs. Dallas

QB Alex Smith vs. Jacksonville

Matt Schaub against the Chargers seems like a good matchup, but in a run first offense Schaub will need to throw for first half touchdowns otherwise he will have a below average fantasy week. Eli and Alex Smith are questionable because no one knows how those offenses are going to fair yet. Both have potential, but until the production is had, it would be wise to have them benched to begin the fantasy football season.


RB Reggie Bush vs. Minnesota

RB Chris Ivory vs. Tampa Bay

RB Daryl Richardson vs. Arizona

All three of these backs have favorable matchups and will be looking to make a statement. Ivory and Bush want to prove they belong to their respective new teams and Richardson wants to prove he is the feature back in St. Louis.


RB Eddie Lacy vs. San Francisco

RB Darren McFadden vs. Indianapolis

RB Ryan Mathews vs. Houston

These three backs all have good potential this season in fantasy football, but this week they should not be counted on. The matchup for each of these players is very ill-favored, and if you can help it, stay away from these this week.


WR Pierre Garcon vs. Philadelphia

WR Torrey Smith vs. Denver

WR Wes Welker vs. Baltimore

The aforementioned receivers will all likely see at least eight targets, and could all easily end up with 100 yards. Welker and Garcon will both see at least a dozen targets and Torrey Smith will want to prove he is a number one receiver.

Mike Wallace of the Miami Dolphins


WR James Jones vs. San Francisco

WR Mike Wallace vs. Cleveland

WR Nate Burleson vs. Minnesota

Each of these receivers are facing bad matchup problems on the other end, for Jones, he will likely see Nnamdi Asomugha or Carlos Rogers who can each do their job very well in man coverage. Mike Wallace will see one of the best corners in the NFL in Joe Haden, and Nate Burleson will likely lose some targets to Ryan Broyles and Reggie Bush.


TE Fred Davis vs. Philadelphia

TE Jordan Cameron vs. Miami

TE Kyle Rudolph vs. Detroit

All three of these tight ends could get into the end zone this week against opposing teams who generally do not cover the tight end well. Fred Davis and Jordan Cameron will be big targets for their quarterbacks, and Kyle Rudolph is the Vikings’ go-to target in the red zone.


TE Greg Olsen vs. Seattle

TE Zach Sudfeld vs. Buffalo

TE Jermaine Gresham vs. Chicago

Olsen and Gresham are facing defenses that are have good linebackers and safeties, and it will be hard for them to get open. As for Sudfeld, I am not sold that he is going to get many targets. I know the Patriots run their offense via the tight end, but I am not sold. Especially if Gronkowski can somehow be healthy for week one.


K Blair Walsh

K Randy Bullock

Both of the above kickers should have at least three chances to get fantasy points this week with the amount of times each offense can get inside the opponents’ 30. Both are accurate as well.


K Robbie Gould

K Mason Crosby

Crosby and Gould are both facing teams that are not likely to give up many long drives, leading to a low amount of opportunity for fantasy points.


DST Indianapolis Colts

DST Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Streaming defenses this year against the Raiders and the Jets will be a good idea for everyone. The Colts and the Buccaneers are the first with such opportunity.


DST Green Bay Packers

DST San Francisco 49ers

Where as both of theses defenses will be good fantasy selections for the year, they both play against each other in week one. The Packers and Niners have two of the best offenses in the NFL, and it would be wise to find other alternatives this week such as the Colts or Buccaneers.