Philadelphia Eagles Release Emmanuel Acho

achoOn Saturday afternoon the Philadelphia Eagles released linebacker Emmanuel Acho in order to make room for Najee Goode, a linebacker acquired off of waivers from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Acho had not only one of the best preseason performance on the Eagles roster, but made a name for himself around the league. He accounted for 23 tackles during the 2013 preseason, which makes him tied for the fourth in the league among all players. Included in that count is the 11 tackles that he made in Thursday night’s game against the New York Jets.

However much Chip Kelly lies Najee Goode, there seems to have been better choices for players to cut at linebacker on the roster. Two choices that stand out as more dispensable players are Jake Knott and Casey Mathews. Jake Knott came into the league as an undrafted rookie this year. He has played well in the preseason but has not done much to really put himself in the spotlight.

Casey Matthews, once a productive Oregon Duck, will be going into his fourth year in the NFL. Matthews is nearly two years older than Acho and has shown very little upside in the years that he has had with the Eagles. Matthews has been given more than enough time to show the Eagles organization and it’s fans what he can contribute to the team, and so far he has shown them next to nothing. If Acho lives up to the potential that he has shown thus far this season, Chip Kelly will have a lot of explaining to do to justify his loyalty to the former Duck.