Robert Griffin III Facebook Interview

rgiiiRobert Griffin III ended last season with one of the greatest rookie years ever from an NFL player. Unfortunately the ending to the Washington quarterbacks fairytale season was devastating. After a great regular season Griffin tore his ACL in his first playoff game. He has made an remarkable recovery however. Robert Griffin III has been cleared to start playing again week one of the upcoming regular season.

RGIII went to Facebook shortly after his ESPN special “RGIII: The Will to Win” finished airing and posted a video telling the fans he would answer their questions. I have put together all of the best questions (pretty much all of them) from his fans and I have to say there were some great questions.

Q: “When you play Madden Football, do you always use the Washington Redskins?”

RG3: “Of course I do.”

Q: “Are you competitive in all areas of your life?”

RG3: “You have to know when to turn it off, and my family helps me do that so I can turn it on when I have to compete in my profession and I can turn it off when I’m spending time with my family and relax.”

Q: “Do you think Baylor will do good this season.”

RG3: “I think the sky’s the limit for that team and they control their own destiny.”

Q: “What is your FAVORITE ALL TIME movie??”

RG3: “John Q”

Q: “Marines, Army or Navy????? … Goo!!”

RG3: “My parents were both Army Sergeants, but I appreciate the support of our entire military!”

Q: “What was your favorite show while growing up?”

RG3: “A lot of cartoons…Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dragon Ball Z”

Q: “How do you deal with all the pressure of being a professional athlete?”

RG3: “It comes with the territory, but at the same time, you have to stand up for yourself when you feel it’s needed.”

Q: “How’s married life? Is there an RG4 in the makin’?”

RG3: “Married life is great. We’re focusing on RRG3, not RG4.”

Q: “Have you ever met Michael Jordan?”

RG3: “I have not met MJ, but the plan is to meet him either during the season or next off-season.”

Q: “What do you miss most about Baylor?”

RG3: “The dynamic between fan and student, the same people that cheer for you are in your class with you the next day.”

Q: “Do you have a goal for passing and rush yards this year???”

RG3: “My only goals are to win our division and win the Super Bowl”

Q: “You are my 5 year old son’s idol, he started flag football this month, any advice for the start of his young football career?”

RG3: “Play hard, play smart, and enjoy being a kid.”

Q: “What was the hardest part of rehab?”

RG3: “Just fighting an uphill battle between doubters and people not believing in me.”

Q: “What was your first welcome to the NFL moment?”

RG3: “Walking to the center of the field after we beat the Saints and shaking Drew Brees‘ hand and seeing the look in his face after such a hard fought game.”

Q: “Any chance we get some video of the players singing Hail to the Redskins? We need to remind the NFL world of the best fight song in football and you all can help.”

RG3: “I’ll talk to the players and maybe we’ll do a remix of Hail to the Redskins”

Q: “Have a favorite Bible verse?”

RG3: “Jeremiah 29:11”

Q: “if you could be any other position besides QB, what would it be?”

RG3: “I’d play center, because that’s the only other position that gets to touch the ball every play.”

Q: “What’s your diet like??”

RG3: “I don’t count calories or carbs but I do make sure I eat healthy and fuel my body to perform.”

Q: “Favorite Pump up Song?”

RG3: “Thriller (Michael Jackson), You Are (Juanita Bynum), and newly found No Pain No Gain (Wale)”

Q: “what was your motivation to work as hard as you could through your ACL tear?”

RG3: “I set high goals and no matter what when you look at it, football is my profession, and I am driven to be the best.”

Q: “What football players were your inspiration growing up?”

RG3:John Elway, Terrell Davis, Randall Cunningham, and Doug Williams

Q: “what you say to young athletes who face challenges on and off the field?”

RG3: “Worry about what you can control, and you can control what you do, what you say, and how you play!”

Q: “What’s the thing that most motivates you while playing?”

RG3: “To go out there and do it for the guy next to me!”

Q: “Super Bowl year??”

RG3: “That will be decided on the field and not just by me, but by me and my teammates.”

Q: “Did you always think you would be that good at sports”

RG3: “If you don’t believe, who will?”