Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

When it comes to drafting we often ask ourselves, do I go running back/running back or running back/wide receiver or even running back/quarterback. There are countless number of ways to do your draft. There are many pro’s and cons as well. You can be deep at one position and have zero depth at another if you go a certain direction. Or you can have a balance and a team with a quality starting roster versus a team with heavy point production at key positions. I will make things easier and go through four main draft approaches and show you the players likely available if you go this approach.

It is that time where everyone is doing their drafts,  here are the scenarios many fantasy owners encounter.
The first approach I will explain is the running back/running back approach at pick No. 9 in a twelve team, points per reception format.

1.09 – RB – Trent Richardson

2.04 – RB – Chris Johnson

3.09 – WR – Victor Cruz

4.04 – WR – Andre Johnson

5.09 – QB – Colin Kaepernick

6.04 – TE – Tony Gonzalez

7.09 – RB Ben Tate

8.04 –  WR – Golden Tate

By looking at this team you have a solid duo at both running back and wide receiver, a very high upside quarterback in Colin Kaepernick and the best tight end outside of Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski. Golden Tate is at my flex and I have Ben Tate with the expectation of him starting and getting some carries.

My next approach is a wide receiver/wide receiver at the same pick, same format.

1.09 –WR – Dez Bryant

2.04 – WR – AJ Green

3.09 – RB – Daryl Richardson

4.04 – RB – Ryan Mathews

5.09 – WR – Torrey Smith

6.04 – TE – Tony Gonzalez

7.09 –QB- Robert Griffin III

8.04 –RB- Ben Tate

When I took Ryan Mathews in the fourth round, some notable running backs were available. Darren McFadden, Le’veon Bell, Eddie Lacy, Chris Ivory and Giovani Bernard. Once you get into the third round in PPR format, the running back position is a giant wild card. Players like Reggie Bush are climbing up the board week by week who was once a third rounder now is a second rounder. The wide receivers have stayed about the same. When I took Robert Griffin III in the seventh round, Colin Kaepernick was on the board. The strength of this team is clearly the wide receiver position with two of the top-three players and Torrey Smith as my flex.

The next method I will display is running back/wide receiver approach but with a top five pick. Same scoring and same league format, a twelve team league.

1.02- RB – Lesean McCoy

2.11 -WR – Julio Jones

3.02 – WR – Randall Cobb

4.11 – RB – Giovani Bernard

5.02 – RB – Daryl Richardson

6.11—TE – Tony Gonzalez

7.02- QB – Matt Ryan

8.11 – WR – Golden Tate

While doing this format, Reggie Bush was taken right before me. But I chose Julio Jones with my second pick in the second round and came around and drafted Randall Cobb. There were a couple of players I was unsure of at running back in the third round and thought Cobb was the best player on the board at that pick. In the fourth and fifth round I went running back with Giovanni Bernard and Daryl Richardson as my selections. There were plenty of wide receivers left on the board so I decided to go with  either Richardson or Bernard, and a wide receiver I draft later could be my flex which was Golden Tate. Matt Ryan and Gonzalez were the best available when I picked. I feel this roster and lineup is good and has upside with the backs in fourth and fifth round. Plus two studs at wideout.

Picking Calvin Johnson with the sixth pick and going running back in the second set me up pretty well. I would say my two running backs in a PPR league are set to be top- ten players entering this year. My second wideout is Danny Amendola, there is a lot of hype around him but also some doubt so it’s high risk/ high reward when it comes to him. I think I set my flex spot up pretty well also with Daryl Richardson and/or TY Hilton. Both are poised to have good years.

1.06 WR- Calvin Johnson

2.06-RB- Reggie Bush

3.06-RB- Darren Sproles

4.06- WR- Danny Amendola

5.06 – RB- Daryl Richardson

6.06- QB- Matthew Stafford

7.06 -WR- TY Hilton

8.06- TE- Jordan Cameron

With these four main draft methods, I have given you a pretty good idea of how your teams will look. But remember drafts are always fluid, be ready for surprises. I was surprised when I started to see Reggie Bush getting picked in the second round.

There are a couple of trends that I noticed: Certain players are bracketed at certain spots in the draft. If a team drafts Adrian Peterson they are set up to draft Julio Jones, Randall Cobb and then left with rookies at the running back position to be your No. 2.

If you pick in the end of the first round, look for Matt Forte, Dez Bryant, AJ Green and possibly Reggie Bush to get picked.

But keep in mind the draft is very fluid and full of surprises.  This is not an exact science more like exact randomness and I am here to assist you. Draft time is around the corner, go win a title.


**** All mock drafts took place on PPR, RB/WR Flex 12-Team 


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    I am in a 10 team league with 2 starting QB’s how early should i start drafting QB’s