Michael Vick Named Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 1 Starter

mikevickAround noontime today, Chip Kelly brought an end to the Eagles quarterback competition when he named Michael Vick the Philadelphia Eagles Week 1 starter vs the Washington Redskins.

During his press conference today, Chip Kelly had this to say about the quarterback competition: “We’ve evaluated everything, and Michael Vick is going to start for us against the Washington Redskins.”

And that was that. It seemed as if Coach Kelly was going to drag out the competition one more week, but based on his evaluations, he felt that the time was right to name Vick the starter.

“I would think it was a thorough evaluation,” said Kelly. “We had 16 opportunities in the spring with them. With voluntary minicamp, mandatory minicamp and 10 OTAs. We had 20 practices here while at the NovaCare, plus two preseason games.”

Kelly continued to say, “We felt like we had a good amount of tape, a good amount of us seeing them on the field, and seeing them in a lot of different situations, and wanted to put a guy in place, if we could, in enough time to get us to prepare the season.”

Ultimately, Vick outplayed Nick Foles when it matter and, most importantly, while he was on the field, the Eagles committed zero turnovers. Foles committed two turnovers and fumbled three snaps which hurt his cause significantly because Coach Kelly has emphasized from day one that protecting the football is a very important attribute for the quarterback to have.

For now, Vick is the starter, but there is still hope for Foles. He proved that he can move the offense down the field an score points and if (when) Vick gets injured, Foles proved to the coaches that he can step in and drive the offense.

This seems to be Vick’s last opportunity to prove that he cans start in the NFL and will need to make the most of this opportunity and with a proven guy sitting right behind him, Vick can’t afford to get off to a slow start because coach Kelly seems like he wont hesitate to pull the trigger.