Philadelphia Eagles Secondary: Takeaways After Preseason Game 2

eaglesThe second preseason game of Chip Kelly’s NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles was against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night. The Panthers, with their relatively average passing game, gave the players in the secondary a good chance to show what they could do. Some players rose to the challenge during the game while others had disappointing performances.

Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher got the majority of the playing time on the outside. Williams didn’t look great but he got the job done as was expected of him racking up four solo tackles tying him for the lead in the game. Bradley Fletcher looked less impressive. Fletcher, looking like the man who used to wear his number 24 jersey, seemed to make an appearance in every highlight reception for the Panthers. Outside corner is probably the weakest part of the Eagles team at the moment and it has a lot of room for improvement.

On the inside there was much more promising play. Brandon Boykin looked much improved from last year and now seems to be putting his freakish athleticism to use. When he was in coverage, you knew that the player was not going to get the reception. His size may seem like it would be an inhibitor to his play but it didn’t seem to affect him at all. He still managed to make two tackles which put him among the team leaders. Most impressively were his two pass deflections. Both plays should have been interceptions. He played the ball perfectly on both plays but dropped the easy interception. If he can improve his catching ability he could, potentially, be the team leader in interceptions this year.

At the safety position there were ups and there were downs. Both Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman look like the players we know them to be. Neither of them seem to have improved and looked the same as they have in years past. Both managed to play at a serviceable level but made the same mistakes that they always seem to.

Patrick Chung is a much-needed improvement at the safety position. He is past his prime and will not likely be making any pro bowls soon but he will fill the role at Safety for the Eagles far better than Allen or Coleman could. Chung also was tied for the team lead with four tackles in the game on Thursday. A late round rookie, Earl Wolff, saw limited playing time but was a force when he was in the game. He may not be ready to start just yet but the young player shows a lot of promise for the future of the Eagles secondary.