Ohio State: Urban Legend

Urban Meyer Ohio State Buckeyes (SavvyDad.com)

By Fred Skott @Fskott

After one season at Ohio State Urban Meyer has got everyone’s attention. His track record for wins spreads through the country like orange and yellow leaves on a beautiful Autumn afternoon in New England. 116-23, that’s a .835 winning percentage for those of you keeping score at home. Chew on that for a minute. You full yet?

Good, during his 12 year coaching career, on his previous two stops which were in Utah and Florida the second campaign ended better than the first. Should that happen this year coach Meyer will have a legacy right there with Alabama’s Nick Saban. Now, to get their coach Meyer will need to navigate different from years past.

With the 2013 season two shorts weeks away coach Meyer is facing hurdles of player discipline, instead of competition for certain jobs on the field. Not to be deterred, coach is sending a message to everyone who feels a sense of entitlement at the ‘Shoe. Straighten up or else. Every coach that leaves a legacy from their past will always be tied to the company they kept. It’s just how the business of college football is portrayed.

Right or wrong it’s what they sign up for, but make no mistake, any coach that has or had players fall off the path of least resistance should not be blamed. The fine line of kids moving on from home to institutions with a belief they are transitioning from teen to adult is complex all by itself, let alone demands put on collegiate coaches.

It’s almost as if the student athletes who see coaches come into their homes and try to win over their parents use the coach to be more than teacher of sport and moments of life. Here’s a great concept for the student athlete going on a new journey in life… “GROW UP!” make the transition, learn from all the experiences you’ve had in the class room and the field and become a role model for the elementary student who thinks you’re doing it the right way. But, I digress.

Through out the summer of 2013 one can sense that coach Meyer is done with his players not holding up there end of the bargain. With suspensions of certain players before the home opener on August 31st against the Bulls from Buffalo, it seems as if it would be wise for this group of Buckeyes to focus on the matter at hand and enjoy the ride coach Meyer is about to take them on.

Regardless of what players move from the beaten path, Urban Meyer is driven with one goal in mind and if his players blink they might miss it. Last year he led the Bucks to a 12-0 season without the ability to play in the Conference championship game or have a Bowl game appearance for the sanctions that had been handed down before he took over campus.

This year, the Buckeyes have the green light and one thing you can bank on, the head coach isn’t thinking about the Big Ten title game in Indianapolis as his crowning moment for this group. I hear Pasadena is beautiful in January, Rumor has it the first Monday night of the new year will be the best time to go.