65 Questions Entering Your Fantasy Drafts

chris-johnson2Arizona Cardinals

1.  Is Carson Palmer going to make Larry Fitzgerald a top-five fantasy wide out this year?

Atlanta Falcons

2. Is Steven Jackson going to be a touchdown machine and a PPR machine for owners or will his carries throughout his career haunt fantasy owners?

3. Will Steven Jackson be worth a top-fifteen pick?

4.  How long can Tony Gonzalez keep doing it?

Baltimore Ravens

5. Will  Bernard Pierce cut into Ray Rice’s points and have all fantasy owners hate him?

6. Is Torrey Smith going to step up and be an all-around threat at wide receiver or just another deep threat?

Buffalo Bills

7. Projected to be the full time starter will C.J Spiller become a top-five fantasy back and carry teams to the playoffs?

Carolina Panthers

8. Can Cam Newton be consistent like he was for the second half of the season last or will he be a headache week in and week out for owners?

Chicago Bears

9. With offensive guru Marc Trestman, will he be the coach that pushes Matt Forte to a top-five running back in PPR formats?

10. Is Martellus Bennett going to thrive at tight end with Cutler throwing to him?

Cincinnati Bengals

11. Who will be the lead back? We all hope its Giovani Bernard.

12. Can Andy Dalton become a top ten quarterback this year?

Cleveland Browns

13. Can Trent Richardson flourish with Norv Turner calling the plays?

14.  Will Jordan Cameron make owners look really smart by drafting him and starting him?

15. Could Brandon Weeden emerge as a top quarterback this year?

Dallas Cowboys

16. Looks like Dez Bryant got it together, will it be fool’s gold this year?

17. Can Demarco Murray stay healthy or will he be another headache for owners?

Denver Broncos

18. Will Wes Welker make owners happy and flourish this year or will there not be enough balls to go around?

19. Montee Ball could be this year’s running back to surprise us, do you think so?

Detroit Lions

20. It looks like Reggie Bush will flourish in Detroit, but can Matthew Stafford go back to his 2011 form?

21. Would we trade Calvin Johnson breaking the single season receiving record for more than five touchdowns?

Green Bay Packers

22. Which rookie running back will make fantasy owners look really smart? Jonathan Franklin or Eddie Lacy?

23.  Can Randall Cobb become a “Percy Harvin” for Green Bay?

24. Who will Aaron Rodgers go to more? James Jones or Jordy Nelson?

Houston Texans

25. Will Arian Foster be someone’s treasure in the late first round or someone’s trash in the top three?

Indianapolis Colts

26. Is Andrew Luck going to turn T.Y Hilton into a fantasy star?

27. What do we do with Ahmad Bradshaw come draft time?

Jacksonville Jaguars

28. Maurice Jones-Drew is healthy, could he become a top-ten back this year?

Kansas City Chiefs

29. Is Andy Reid going to make Jamaal Charles a points per reception god nightmare for fantasy opponents?

30. Will Dwayne Bowe emerge as a top ten wide receiver with Alex Smith under center?

Miami Dolphins

31. Is Lamar Miller going to live up to the hype this year as a breakout candidate?

32. Dustin Keller placed on IR, will Mike Wallace be Tannehill’s go to guy?

Minnesota Vikings

33. Can Kyle Rudolph become more than a red zone delight for owners?

34. Will Adrian Peterson become the first to prophesize 2,500 yards and be the best fantasy player ever?

35. Is Christian Ponder going to hold Greg Jennings back?

New England Patriots

36. Will Shane Vereen become a headache for a weekly sit/start aspect?

37. Is Danny Amendola going to become a wide receiver one? Or get hurt and prove us all right?

38. Where do we draft Rob Gronkowski?

39. What do we do with the emergence of Zach Sudfeld when Gronkowski comes back?

New Orleans Saints

40. Is Jimmy Graham going to be an overall top-ten player this year?

41. Outside of Marques Colston and Lance Moore, which wide out will make owners look smart? Kenny Stills anyone?

New York Giants

42. See question 31.

43. Will Hakeem Nicks be a great value pick this year?

44. Is Rueben Randle going to be the next Victor Cruz for fantasy owners?

New York Jets

45. Could Chris Ivory be a sleeper at running back?

Oakland Raiders

46. What do we do with Darren McFadden?

Philadelphia Eagles

47. Can Michael Vick become a top quarterback with Chip Kelly’s new system?

48. Is Lesean McCoy going to be the top running back this year in points per reception formats?

 Pittsburgh Steelers

49. Will Ben Roethlisberger elevate Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders as serviceable starts?

50. Can Le’veon Bell be the next rookie running back to breakout?

St. Louis Rams

51. Is Jared Cook finally going to be consistent tight end this year?

52. What do we do with Tavon Austin?

53. Will Daryl Richardson make owners love him?

San Diego Chargers

54. Can Ryan Mathews stay healthy this year?

San Francisco 49ers

55. Will Colin Kaepernick become a top-five quarterback this year?

56. Is Anquan Boldin going to be a points per reception machine since Michael Crabtree will miss significant time?

Seattle Seahawks

57. No Percy Harvin for a while, is Golden Tate going to be a breakout candidate?

58. Can Russell Wilson duplicate is rookie season?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

59. Is Doug Martin worthy of a top two pick?

60. Will Josh Freeman be consistent?

61. Can Vincent Jackson be a definite wide receiver number one by seasons end?

Tennessee Titans

62. They addressed the offensive line, will this propel Chris Johnson to be a top running back this year?

Washington Redskins

63. Is Alfred Morris going to emerge as a points per reception threat or be labeled as liability in non-standard league formats?

64. Can Robert Griffin III be the superstar he was last year or will he be held back.

65. Will Pierre Garcon be a healthy and emerge as a high end wide receiver two?