Philadelphia Eagles: Why Nick Foles Should Start Week 1

nick-folesThe Philadelphia Eagles new look training camp is full of position battles. Chip Kelly is giving every player a chance to earn first team reps at their position and quarterback is no exception. Both Michael Vick and Nick Foles are making strong cases for the position.

At this point in training camp, Vick seems to be leading Foles in the quarterback competition — much to the delight of most Eagles fans. Although the popular opinion is that Vick should start, I believe that Foles would be the most effective starter. He is not only the better choice for now but for the future of the Eagles organization.

Vick has been playing in the league for years and it will be slightly harder to shape his play around the new offense and Vick is at the back end of his career. Plus Vick is becoming increasingly more injury prone and although he is still fast, he has lost the speed that he once had. Foles, on the other hand, is coming in with a nearly fresh NFL career so he can easily be shaped into the quarterback that Kelly wants. Despite Vick’s flaws, many people prefer him because they think that Foles is not a good fit for Chip Kelly’s system.

My reaction to that argument is that the Eagles are going through a rebuilding process and if the Eagles make Vick the starter, we will never know whether Foles is the quarterback of the future or if the Eagles need to draft one. It would benefit the Eagles to give Foles a trial year during the rebuilding of the team. If Foles starts, then by the end of the season the Eagles will have an idea of whether or not they need to draft a quarterback.

Throughout his career, Vick has only had one season that he was able to stay healthy enough to play all 16 games and he is not getting any younger. Even with the Eagles much improved offensive line, Vick will not be able to avoid every hit, and it is almost inevitable that he will get injured at some point. When he gets injured Foles will assume the starter position, but he won’t have chemistry with his offensive line or his receivers that he would have had, if he started from Week 1.

Due to the inevitability that Foles will start at least one game — if not many more — by season’s end, it would beneficial for the whole team if Chip Kelly gave Foles the starting job from the beginning so he can bond with his offensive weapons and allow the Eagles organization to see what they really have at quarterback for the future.