San Diego Chargers to Look For Wide Receiver Help

Courtesy of ABC: Lloyd could make an instant impact for San Diego.

Courtesy of ABC: Lloyd could make an instant impact for San Diego.

Even though preliminary reports that the San Diego Chargers’ feared Malcom Floyd tore his ACL in practice on Monday proved to be premature, expectations around the league are that the Chargers will look for veteran wide receiver help.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, personally believes that the Chargers should look for help on the free-agent market:

Granted, unless the Chargers swing a trade for someone currently on a roster, we don’t know what a veteran receiver currently out of work would bring either…But the Chargers can’t go into the season without seeing if someone who has done it before can help them.

That’s more of an indication that the chargers should at least have a veteran or two in for a workout. After all, what harm would it do? Bringing someone like Brandon Lloyd to the practice facility wouldn’t do harm to the roster currently in place. Instead, it’s a low-risk measure to take for a team that is lacking at wide receiver.

We are hearing that the Chargers are fully prepared to look at the open market as an option for acquiring competition at receiver. Those close to the situation have not necessarily ruled out a trade, but they would rather go with the lower-risk method. Any receiver currently on the market would likely come in for a workout, and if signed, agree to a deal near the veteran minimum. This wouldn’t cost the Chargers a draft pick or the possibility of bringing in a larger contract.

As you already know, Danario Alexander is lost for the season with a torn ACL and Floyd suffered either a knee strain or sprain on Monday. This means that the Chargers are likely going to have to start the season without their two primary pass-catchers at that position.

The necessity to find a proven receiver is most definitely here.

That being said, the pickings are going to be slim.

Brandon Lloyd has a built-in relationship with new head coach Mike McCoy, who worked with him in Denver. In fact, Lloyd recorded 77 receptions for 1,448 yards and 11 scores in 2010 with McCoy as his offensive coordinator. This seems to make the most sense for the new head coach.

With that in mind, Lloyd didn’t depart Denver under the best of circumstances and has a history of fall outs around the National Football League; most recently with the New England Patriots last season. He’s a volatile veteran, who could provide San Diego with a bit more of a higher risk, higher reward possibility.

Speaking of high risk, Terrell Owens’ name has been bandied about over the past couple weeks. While most of that has to do with Owens attempting to get his name out there, San Diego wouldn’t be losing anything by bringing him in for a workout. Remember, the last time Owens took the field back in 2010 he did nearly put up 1,000 receiving yards for the Cincinnati Bengals. If reports about Owens being in great shape are true, he might be able to provide a short-term fix as a possession receiver.

Other options aren’t too great here.

Laurent Robinson, who has worked out with multiple teams without being offered a contract, is still available. He suffered multiple concussions with the Jacksonville Jaguars last season and is a major injury risk. Outside of that, other options are just plain horrible. Jason Hill, Deion Branch and Lee Evans aren’t exactly viable players at this point in their careers.

If the options are limited to Owens, Robinson and Lloyd; I fully expect San Diego to show the most interest in the latter.

As it is, indications are that it will kick the tires on bringing in a veteran. You do the math from there.

Vincent Frank is an NFL featured columnist at Bleacher Report.

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