Nevada WolfPack: Rebuilding For The Future

By Sean McMahon @Wolfkaosaun

With the 2013 season approaching, the Nevada WolfPack hasve made some huge changes. For instance, they no longer have coach Chris Ault, whom coached for the team a combined 28 years and was the winningest coach in Nevada history. That brings in the new coach Brian Polian, who is the son of former NFL executive Bill Polian. With the signing of the new head coach, there have been some changes throughout not only the roster, but also recruits and the facility itself.

Brian Polian has already announced that there are seven players that are no longer on the team. Although he did not give reasons to their departures, he makes it obvious that he is a hard nosed coach who is interested in quality guys. Not only that, but that gives the WolfPack many new faces this season, as there was an estimated 78 scholarships given out before the August 5th camp. Meaning that Polian can give out more scholarships in 2014 with seniors leaving, giving the WolfPack a whole new outlook and face.

Speaking of scholarships, the WolfPack has had a pretty decent recruiting class in 2013. They had six signed recruits that were three star players (rated by ESPN), including Ian Seau, the nephew of former NFL linebacker Junior Seau. This gives Nevada a fresh batch of players that can push them to compete against some really good teams. Don’t forget, in the 2010 season, Nevada actually surprised the whole nation by finishing in the top 15 in the BCS Rankings and winning a Bowl game against Boston College. Not only that, but that team was the last one Colin Kaepernick was on before being drafted into the NFL. Many people don’t even realize that the pistol offense started off in Nevada with Chris Ault. Enough about the past though, let’s focus on the future.

Nevada WolfPack has a bright future, and could once against surprise the NCAA. There are some questions that surround the team at the moment, but they have a good outlook. Brian Polian has even spent time and hard earned money to help renovate the WolfPack’s locker room, costing six figures. Reno has been hit hard because of the repression, but this shows what kind of man Polian is and how he is putting the team high on his priority list, showing how he faces adversity moving forward.

While the 2013 season may not be great, they still have talent and could surprise, but the WolfPack is moving in the right direction. Within the next few years, don’t be surprised to see them rank in BCS rankings and even cause some upsets. They could even produce some quality NFL talent. Polian has this team producing strong potential, which could grow into something great in the near future.