Fantasy Football: Who is Keenan Allen and What Does He Do?

keenanallenWhen Danario Alexander tore his ACL last week everyone felt remorse then moved Malcom Floyd up and were high on him. Well down goes Malcom Floyd. We feel remorse but now we think of the next wideout to step up because this is how we function. Players get hurt and we look who’s going to step up, because we are the ones not hurt and it’s also football. Sad but it’s reality.

One can pose Robert Meachem is the guy to step up and fill the void. But would you put stock into a guy who says his body is broken? Neither would I and I don’t see the Chargers relying too much on him. So we take him out of the equation and insert Vincent Brown. That leaves one wide receiver left for Phillip Rivers to throw to, and we are going to do our research and find out who he is.

Now to a guy who looks to step up to catch passes from Rivers. Here lies Keenan Allen, who was drafted in the third round and attended Cal. But we don’t care about that, we care what he will do for us and our fantasy teams. I can sit here and tell you Allen is a polished route runner. He is smooth like silk when he plays and a short to intermediate target who is not a deep threat. But we don’t care so much about that, we only care how many balls he catches and if he can contribute. If you don’t believe me go twitter search Malcom Floyd and look what is hashtagged next to it.

The interesting thing when it comes to Allen is he is a rookie and we are usually optimistic when it comes to rookie players in the fantasy world. The bad thing when it comes to Allen is he is a rookie and it is a crap shoot for rookies to be impactful the first year and don’t give me last year’s rookie class and try to prove me wrong, I will tell you to look up other classes then come back to me and I will eat crow if you find one.

I am not even that high on Tavon Austin who is the rookie getting the hype at the wideout position.  My mindset is if you are looking for a rookie wideout to contribute, you have made a bad pick somewhere and are looking to fall into the hype, right place-right pick scenario. When it comes to the babies of the fantasy world, there are too many factors to consider, such as injuries, trust and just being a rookie. Even the most gifted rookies like Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, and Calvin Johnson had subbar years. They all battled injuries, didn’t have a solid quarterback and these guys are the top rookies entering the draft and the fantasy world.  So do yourself a favor and do not put much stock into Allen being a factor.  You can add him via free agency or waiver wire based on his performance early on.