Washington Redskins: Pat White Puts a Little Heat on Rex Grossman

Pat WhiteThe Washington Redskins clearly do not have a quarterback controversy in the normal sense. Robert Griffin III is the clear-cut starter and Kirk Cousins is solidified as his backup. But after the first preseason game, the Redskins suddenly have a face off between Pat White and Rex Grossman for the No. 3 spot.

After White completed his comeback this past week against the Tennessee Titans by completing five of his eight pass attempts for 31 yards, while adding 33 yards and a touchdown on the ground, speculation began that he might have a chance to overtake veteran Rex Grossman for a spot on the team’s season-opening roster.

During the Redskins training camp and preseason, there are virtually few spots up for grabs — this actually could qualify as some mild intrigue.

Could White really beat out Grossman for that number three spot?

The Truth is, it is highly unlikely.

White hasn’t play in the NFL the past three seasons after his one season with the Miami Dolphins. Questions remain about his arm strength and passing accuracy. The fact is it not even a clear that the Redskins will even keep three quarterbacks on the roster. There are log jams in several key positions on the Redskins offense that could cause them to only carry two quarterbacks. If they carry three it more than likely that they will keep Rex due to his experience and a good working knowledge of the offensive system.

The fact is, White’s late-game success came while playing with and against players who are unlikely to be in the NFL when the regular season opens. The Redskins also reached a little deeper into their playbook, and using option plays that took advantage of White’s ability to make plays with his legs — something they hadn’t done earlier in the game with Cousins and Grossman in the lineup.

NFL defenses had problems with that offensive approach last season and appear to still have problems with it; but third-string defenders playing in the preseason opener had virtually no chance against it.

White even said it himself he acknowledged that it was a good feeling for him as he tries to prove that he belongs back in the NFL. But he also said:

“I still have a lot of work to do. I’m ready to get back and get to work and try to get better.”

At the very least, White put himself in position to be able to play earlier in the game so that the Redskins can get a better look at what this former second-round pick can do.

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