Cleveland Browns Quarterback Situation Remains Unsettled



Talk about an original headline.

When was the last time the Cleveland Browns had a settled quarterback situation?  If you guessed this man, you are spot on. Don’t go about your day doing The Bernie Lean now; that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

As it is, reports from Browns’ camp indicate that the powers to be in Cleveland are not sold on Brandon Weeden as the starting quarterback in 2013 and beyond. Weeden a former first-round pick from Oklahoma State, struggled a great deal as a rookie. He threw three more interceptions than touchdowns and led the 24th-best scoring offense in the NFL.

Orange and Brown Report, a site for indicated that sources are not hesitant about the possibility of Jason Campbell starting this year:

The OBR has learned the Browns coaching staff believes Brandon Weeden will excel in the offensive scheme, and have zero reservations about backup Jason Campbell.

This might not be that surprising of a development considering that early reports showed that Cleveland’s new brass weren’t exactly the biggest Weeden fans. New regimes tend to want their own guys under center and not be directly linked to perceived mistakes from previous front offices. While a small sample size such as one year indicates that Weeden hasn’t been given a real opportunity, it’s important to note that the second-year signal caller is already older than Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers; both of whom are entering their ninth season in the NFL.

Upside is extremely limited here for both options in Cleveland.

For what it is worth, new Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner hasn’t exactly had the brightest things to say about Cleveland’s offense thus far in training camp:

We’ve had a lot of mixed results and more inconsistencies than I’d like but that doesn’t surprise me…However, we do need to have that sense of urgency that this thing’s going to be on us real fast.

Turner added…

We’re getting Brandon ready to be the starter…He’s getting a big chunk of the work, but we’re getting the other two guys ready to play. As we know, you better have all three of those guys ready to play in this league.

A first-round pick is a first-round pick. While no one in the Browns organization is tied to the pick, they are going to give Weeden the most snaps in hopes that he improves throughout the duration of his second training camp.

For his part, Campbell hasn’t been much more than a pedestrian starting quarterback in the NFL. His upside is limited even more than Weeden’s.

With the talent that Cleveland has built on the rest of its roster, whoever wins the starting gig doesn’t have to be much more than a game manager. The idea is to have him limit mistakes, take a couple shots and help lead the team down the field. The onus on Cleveland’s offense will ultimately rest with running back Trent Richardson, it’s best player.

Cleveland’s ability to control the ball on offense coupled with a top-tier defense will be two reasons, not Weeden or Campbell,  why it surprises in 2013.


Vincent Frank is an NFL featured columnist at Bleacher Report.

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