Purple Swag: Look For Greg Jennings To Flourish With the Minnesota Vikings

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals - Wild Card Round

Examine all the movement that took place this offseason, Mike Wallace living the dream in South Beach, Wes Welker catching balls in the Mile High City, Danny Amendola attempting to fill the void as Brady’s best friend forever and we can’t forget Anquan Boldin being sent to another Harbaugh. All these moves will have impacts but I do not care about those as much. I am all over Percy Harvin being sent to Seattle and setting up the Minnesota Vikings to sign Greg Jennings.

Jennings missed plenty of time last year in Green Bay due to a groin injury which led us to see his wonderful acting skills in some Old Spice commercials. My favorite is doing pushups with a model riding a Jet Ski on top of him, but that’s besides the point. Leaving Green Bay and not catching darts from Aaron Rodgers and verbally insulting Rodgers in the offseason, we forget that Jennings is a good wide out. He is still 29 years old and has plenty left in the tank. He is a great route runner, loves back shoulder fades, can beat you numerous ways on the field.  Jennings to Minnesota will not disappoint Vikings fans in the real world and fantasy football nerds in the hollowness world.

I love Jennings in Minnesota, he will have plenty of value for all of us. In Minnesota’s offense I see him as a No. 2 wide receiver for the fantasy zealots.

Greg Jennings gives the Vikings a legit outside threat who dominates the slot in comparison to Percy Harvin who is more of a gadget player with amazing yards after the catch who was great in the slot as well. Jennings can line up anywhere on the line of scrimmage — on the outside, in the slot, etc. When Minnesota had Percy Harvin, he was used all over the field. They ran numerous bubble screens, draws, sweeps and direct snaps.  I expect Minnesota to cater to Jennings strengths just as they did to Harvin.

Outside of Adrian Peterson they force fed Harvin. Don’t get me wrong, Percy is a great player but I think Jennings will excel. We will get the bubble screens and add more back shoulder fades. I know Jennings will get his slants, posts and will kill on the fade routes with the occasional deep ball, the routes he tore up when he was with the Packers.

During his time in Green Bay, there was never really a running game, they ran 3-4 wide receiver sets in the shotgun with Rodgers. In Minnesota’s offense he will get mismatches just a little different than he did in Green Bay. The mismatches will be due to the greatness and the fear that Adrian Peterson gives defenses.

Opponents will have to move a safety in the box because of Peterson, defenses cannot forget about Kyle Rudolph either. Last year Rudolph dominated in the red zone, nine touchdowns to show for it. With Christian Ponder looking to step up and Rudolph getting more comfortable, look for him to draw some attention in between the 20’s. And we cannot forget about the rookie Cordarrelle Patterson who is just a pure, raw athlete at this point. So much purple swag going to take place in Minnesota.

With all that said I expect Jennings to get a ton of catches in Minnesota’s offense, his yards per catch wont jump off the page. But I don’t care about his yards per catch, I care about how many he catches. This is fantasy football and Greg Jennings getting catches is all I need to convince me. The matchups that Minnesota has allows Jennings to excel as a wide out. Minnesota and you will benefit from getting a veteran on a new team. I see Jennings putting up an Eric Decker type stat line with a slight decrease in touchdowns.