Prospect Preview T David Yankey Stanford



By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen

6’5 311 lbs Yankey is entering his senior year this season. The previous season Yankey was a consensus  all american. David is on the Maxwell award and Outland Trophy watch list. During his freshmen year he suffered a season ending injury. His Sophomore campaign he started all 13 at left guard.

Game Notes vs Wisconsin 2012 

Pass Protection receives a TE on his side of the line often, who usually goes out on a delay route. Out of the top offensive tackle prospects he has the slowest kickslide. Yankey looses to speed rushers often. When he has a good jump off the line he is able to beat rushers to the edge and mirrors them well. While he has the slowest kickslide out of the prospects he has showed the best cut block in pass protection.

Run Game Lines up at LG often in the run game, especially on short yardage dives. He has a good pop at the line of scrimmage to knock defenders backwards in the trenches. When he does not have a linemen to engage right out of the snap his head goes on a swivel trying to find a linebacker to pick up. Many times he was hesitant to attack moving linebackers. Yankey is best in short yardage situations where he gets to get under defender’s pads and really drive block them. He may be best suited as a left guard in the pros.

Game Notes vs USC 2012

Pass Protection During the USC game Yankey was much more polished than the Wisconsin game. He was patient in the pass game letting defenders attempt to engage him while he would bait them in and violently slap their hands and get the hand positioning he needs. He was quite disciplined in getting a wide base while picking up bull rushers and his kickslide speed was improved. Once again when not lined up head to head Yankey struggled, it makes you wonder if he is fully aware of his assignment. He is beaten by multiple stunts in this game. He usually attempts to chase the looping man and not stand his ground, giving a free shot to the QB. TJ McDonald really beats Yankey by faking a speed rush and then kicking to the inside.

Run Game Yankey plays an abundance of LG in this game where he really gets a good push in the run game. He does a good job at riding defenders into the ground creating a nice size cut back lane for the RB. There are plays where he comes out of his stance to low and is easily thrown aside. One in particular was on 3rd and 1 and his man and McDonald make the stop before the first down is gained. Towards the end of the game with a 7 point lead Yankey shows true dominance in the run game pushing defenders out of the way and really mauls them. He was a key reason they held onto the ball so long at the end. If he could come out and show this through the whole game against fresh defenders he would go 2nd round at the latest.



What He Does Well
His pad level in the run game is rather consistent, especially when playing at LG. He can generate a strong push. He displays a strong/wide base in pass protection once and doesn’t get beat easily once he has his hands on a player. He also has violent hands that gain him proper hand positioning.
Where He Needs to Improve
He does look lost when he is not lined up man to man. Stunts really hurt him in the USC game, and he was deceived by speed rushes giving up the quickest route to the QB.

Top Matchups

Oct. 5 vs. Washington

Oct 19 vs. UCLA  Yankey’s performance against Anthony Barr will have a huge impact on his draft stock.

Nov 16 vs USC

Nov 30 vs Notre Dame

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