Prospect Preview: Lamin Barrow ILB LSU

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By Draft Lead Philip Arnold @PhilipArnold20

Lamin Barrow ILB 3-4/OLB 4-3 LSU

6-2 232 lbs. Senior

104 Tackles, 7.5 TFL, 5 QBH, 1 FF. Was the team’s second highest tackler total and started all 13 games for the Tigers in 2012. 

Game Notes vs. Mississippi State 9 Tackles, 1 FR, 1 PBU

  • Barrow lines up at both the ILB and OLB spots of LSU’s 4-3 defense. Barrow played 27 of 34 plays at the weak linebacker spot, while playing the remaining seven at the strong spot.
  • Against the run: Barrow is at his best with low pad level while taking on lead blockers. He uses his quickness to help beat blockers to spots, once there Barrow lowers his pad level to defeat blockers and make a play. He was average with strength at the point of attack, nothing flashy but nothing terrible. Barrow has good explosiveness to read quickly and fill gaps quickly. Barrow was too quick for Mississippi State Center, Dillon Day, at the second level, having beat him three times. On run away, Barrow showed nice flow ability and good angles to scrape and make a play, one of which he scooped up a fumble.
  • Coverage: Barrow does a nice job of flipping his hips and finding work in the middle to the seams. He does a good job of opening and taking away his immediate threat, but was slow getting to curls and second level coverage. In his backpedal, Barrow does a good job of lowering his butt and gaining depth. He also showed a nice ability to drive of that backpedal on quick hitches and got himself a Pass Break Up.
  • Pass Rush: Barrow didn’t show much ability in the pass rush. On an interior blitz he was slow and got picked up easily. He lined up on the edge for a play, tried some weak hand swim/rip move and was unsuccessful in attempting to bend the edge.
  • Tackling & Pursuit: Barrow did a good job finishing plays with his ability as a tackler. He wraps up nicely and has a strong frame to bring the ball carrier down. Like stated earlier on run away, Barrow flows nicely on plays away from him and showed good angles to run down the ball.
  • Play that stood out: 2 down and 4 to go halfway through the fourth quarter. Barrow is the lone linebacker in the box and Mississippi State will run a simple zone play. Barrow does a good job of reading the run, and filling quickly. As Day attempts to meet him at the second level, Barrow displays his quickness to beat him to a spot. When Day attempts to engage with Barrow, he drops his pads under the hands of Day and rips right through. Barrow cleans the play up in the backfield for a TFL.

Game Notes vs. Arkansas 12 Tackles, 1 FF, 1 QBH, 1 PBU

  • Like the Mississippi State game, Barrow lines up as the weak side linebacker 33/43 plays and at the strong side backer 10/43 plays. Barrow is inside and out the box a lot this game to counter Arkansas’ multiple sets.
  • Against the run: In the Mississippi State game Barrow used quickness and low pads to beat blockers. In this game, Barrow showed off his punch and shed. He showed great strength with his jolt and his ability to shed quickly and make a play. Once again Barrow was good in his low on plays away from him. Barrow did struggle with gap assignments at times reading incorrectly.
  • Coverage: Overall, LSU’s whole linebackers corpse was tested in this game. Arkansas ran a lot of underneath and crossing routes. Barrow among others, did a great job of not biting on these routes and rallying up and making a play. In zone coverage Barrow was caught a few times with his eyes on the Quarterback, Tyler Wilson, and let routes get behind him giving Wilson a passing lane. Barrow did a great job walling off Tight Ends multiple times and showed good strength to not get bullied. In man coverage, Barrow was quick and show good hip work with quicker WR’s. He was manned up in the slot on a vertical route at one point. He did an exceptional job of having a quick backpedal and flipping his hips, allowing him to run tightly with the route.
  • Pass rush: The whole game Barrow was slow getting into blitzes and never posed a threat. He came on multiple delayed blitzes, but from the depth he was coming at, never got to Wilson in nearly enough time. On an edge stunt Barrow was slow into it once again, but did a good job of not working himself to far up field and out of the play and recognized Wilson attempting to make a run.
  • Tackling & Pursuit: There was no doubts in Barrow’s hustle and determination this game as he was playing to the whistle. His pursuit will be highlighted in the play that stood out below. In space, Barrow missed a few tackles as he was lunging and arm tackling, rather than running feet and using his strength.
  • Play that stood out: 1 down and goal to go. On Arkansas’ opening drive they were moving the ball quickly and easily into LSU’s territory. Arkansas will run a play action fake which draws up Barrow as his eyes were in the backfield. Though he misreads the play, Barrow’s hustle and pursuit are on full display in this play. Arkansas will get one on one coverage on the outside after the play fake. As the receiver makes a move causing the LSU cornerback to miss a tackle, Barrow comes in and makes a touchdown saving tackle. Barrow does an exceptional job of sprinting to the ball, as he gets there he wraps up and allows help to get there, saving a quick opening drive touchdown for Arkansas.  Barrow and others force a fumble and turn the momentum around quickly with great hustle and pursuit.

What Barrow does well

Inside the box, Barrow shows a variety of ways to defeat blockers. He has shown quickness and low pad level to beat blockers to spots and fight through their hands. On the other hand, Barrow shows he has the strength to punch, extended and shed. On run away, Barrow takes good angles and pursues to the ball. He does a good job of cutting off ball carriers and limiting cutback lanes. In coverage Barrow has a low backpedal for an inside linebacker. He is good at walling off receivers and using strength to disrupt timing of routes.

What he needs to improve

Thought Barrow shows a variety of moves to beat blockers, he needs to show more consistency at the point of attack and playing gap assignments. Too many times is Barrow trying to make a play in a hole that isn’t his, and opening running lanes where he was supposed to be. Barrow really hasn’t been a threat in his pass rushing ability. He is slow into his blitzes and gets picked up easily. On edge blitzes he has failed to bend the edge and needs to show more ability to cause panic for the quarterback.

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