Fantasy Football Titles Mean More To You Than To Anyone Else: Here Is How To Draft Like A Champ


When it comes to championship success in a world where that showcases hollowness, fantasy football is at the top. I don’t know how many times I have told my girlfriend, “hey babe, I have to go home and to this fantasy draft”, she then replies “a fantasy what?” Exactly.

To the normal human, fantasy sports are dumb. They say we don’t control anything, we get excited and hope for the demise of a player on an individual basis. These hopes and demises are formed during the draft. I will explain to you how to get the most of your hopes for a hollowed championship and have your friends, family and spouses think you are a lunatic for going crazy over a hobby you do not physically enhance.

Most leagues range from 10-12 teams, points per reception (PPR) scoring, snake format, live draft. Every crazy person will sit down and do about 18 mock drafts just to get a feel of the average draft position (ADP) of every player. For the most part it is pretty accurate give or take a couple of draft slots and crazy/stupid surprises.

In the first round, there can be a case to draft a wide out or a quarterback with your first pick. I disagree unless it’s Calvin Johnson. If you have the chance to get Megatron, DO IT! He broke the single season record and put up five touchdowns. He was second in points per game (PPG) in ppr formats only behind Adrian Peterson by a fraction of a point. But that is one player, with your first pick take best player available at running back. There are eleven top running backs ranging from Peterson all the way to Alfred Morris. Each of these eleven backs could easily make a case for being the top running back in the fantasy world.

Chances are after you draft one of these stud running backs — considering where you drafted them — you have opportunity ahead. If you drafted Peterson No. 1 overall, your next pick will be pick No. 20 or 24 in snake formats. Which means you have the opportunity to get two freak wide receivers at pick 20/21 or 24/25 whether it be Vincent Jackson, Percy Harvin, Roddy White or Randall Cobb. Those players set you up for a championship, yea I said it.

If you are in the mid-first round, and you draft a stud running back, the likes of Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, Jamaal  Charles, or Arian Foster, you are set up 10 picks later to get Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall, Victor Cruz and Jimmy Graham and maybe A.J. Green if he drops that far.

If you are lucky, a running back could drop also to 15 due to a run on wide receivers and a Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers and even Peyton Manning  could become available at 25 overall. That could set you up for a Wes Welker — a PPR Machine — in the third round as a steal. The wide reciever class is so deep and the drop off at running back is like a drop off in the ocean — five feet, then a 20 foot depth of water with waves all over. It goes from Alfred Morris then drops to Matt Forte, Darren McFadden, Ryan Mathews and Maurice Jones-Drew. Your season will be lost If you wait to get a running back. All it takes is a strained hamstring and you’re starting Joique Bell.

Players will drop, and tons of player will be taken ahead of where they should be. That is to be expected, a draft is full of surprises and ‘oh no’ moments, just don’t be responsible for it. Be responsible for the migraines you give your league mates for two hours.

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to drafting:

Do: Create a little ranking system, it does not have to be a top-200 player ranking system but one with simplified tiers at each position to aid you. It lessens the headache.

Do:  If you love a player and he is available, take him — do not hesitate and think well he might be available 10-20 picks later. I doubt it. If he is a stud, and owners have done their homework, he will be gone.

Do: Sit on a QB — it’s a passing league. There were seven elite quarterbacks last year, expect progress to take place with the others. Andrew Luck will have another year under his belt, Big Ben is going to be healthy, Mike Vick could surprise some and do not forget about Russell Wilson.

Do: Get the hottest free agent — every championship team snags a guy that is the final piece in the end. Do your homework, whoever picked up Alfred Morris and Randall Cobb was living in the hollowness of a fantasy title. Honorable mention is Danario Alexander, Cecil Shorts, and T.Y. Hilton.

Don’t: Sit on running backs — I explained earlier the drop off is brutal; you do not want your running backs to be Steven Ridley and Lamar Miller.

Don’t: Worry about defenses, get a team that has a good couple of weeks on the schedule then stream them.

Don’t:  Rely on rookies to carry you, they are your friends not your idols. They are young, will show flashes of brilliance. Not everyone is Alfred Morris and Doug Martin.

Take what I have told you entering the draft, be prepared for surprises and the need for depth and you will have 365 days of hollowed bragging rights with your name on it.