Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back Situation for the 2013 Season

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America

The Pittsburgh Steelers have questions at the running back situation for this season; however, the biggest question of them all will be,  “Who will be the starter?”

The first running back on the list is Jonathan Dwyer. Some Steeler fans call him “The Bus 2.0” because he’s so big like former running back Jerome Bettis. Although he doesn’t have a lot of speed, he can still be useful on short distances due to his size and bruising power. Dwyer is entering his fourth NFL season out of Georgia Tech and could be a starting candidate for the Steelers this year. If he does not start, he will most likely be used during short runs on third-or-fourth downs.

Isaac Redman is the next running back on my list for the Steelers. He is also known for his size and not for his speed; however, he has the ability to break loose into the open and do some damage. For example, he had a 20-yard touchdown run against the Dallas Cowboys last year — he showed off what speed he does have, and he also showed off his toughness by breaking tackles in route to the end zone. He’s had some starting experience for the Steelers for the past couple of seasons now, and he has showed great potential for the Steelers at the position.

Le’Veon Bell is a rookie running back who had success at the collegiate level. The Steelers drafted him this past April to add depth at the position. He’s probably the fastest running back on the roster right now.  Bell has a great frame at 6’2″ and 244 pounds. Last season, while at Michigan State, Bell managed to rush for 253 yards in a single game. If he can translate his abilities to the NFL level, he will be a great running back for years to come. I expect him to start a few games this season for the Steelers, but Redman will still probably be the long-term starter for the Steelers.

These three running backs that the Steelers have right now are severly underrated in the NFL. They are some of the most strongest and toughest running backs in the NFL right now. I look forward to watching these players play during the regular season, and it will also be interesting to see who wins the starting job this season.