Minnesota Vikings: With Adrian Peterson, Anything is Possible

AP1984, a year that every single Running Back in the NFL will always keep in the back of their minds. Eric Dickerson rushed for over 100 yards in 12 different game that season. In addition, he had two games in which he rushed for over 200 yards. Those performances, along with the other four games where he failed to break 100 yards, gave Dickerson the NFL record for most rushing yards in a single season. That amount being 2,105.

Until last season, myself and many other fans around the world believed that Dickerson’s record was unbreakable. Adrian Peterson had it in his mind set to prove us otherwise. During Peterson’s first 2 seasons as a Minnesota Viking, I remember sitting on my couch screaming at the television “WHY ON EARTH DO YOU HAVE TO FUMBLE ADRIAN!”

I personally believed that this young stud running back — who once rushed for 296 yards in one game against the San Diego Chargers his rookie season — was not going to be anything more than a fumble prone, speed back with an unbelievable amount of potential.

I could not have been more wrong. In his first three years he fumbled a total of 20 times. Yes, you read that correctly — 20. That is unrealistic for a running back with that kind of potential. The potential to be one of the best Running Backs in the entire NFL. Thankfully those days are in the past and locked away for Adrian Peterson. Since then he has only fumbled six times within the past three seasons. He proved to me that he is no longer fumble prone.

Just because he isn’t fumbling, doesn’t mean he is as good as I’m making him out to be though, right? Well, his 2012 NFL season does the talking for that argument. If you followed Peterson’s 2012 campaign you would know exactly what I’m talking about. When I mentioned Dickerson I certainly had a purpose of doing so.

When Week 17 came about for Adrian Peterson in 2012, gearing up to play the Green Bay Packers didn’t feel like any ordinary game. Peterson, the fans, the media, myself, & Green Bay knew that Adrian Peterson had a legitimate shot at breaking Eric Dickerson’s 2,105 yard, single season rushing record.

Unfortunately, when the whistle blew at the end of the fourth quarter, I hung my head in sadness. Along with many other fans around the country and the entire city state of Minnesota. Nine yards — nine short yards was all Adrian needed to claim the record.

When the game ended I wasn’t disappointed that he didn’t break that record though. Of course I would have liked to see it happen. Unfortunately not everything turns out the way we want it to. There was a lot more being said than just number with this story.

Suffering from one of the most devastating injuries in 2011, Adrian Peterson’s campaign was cut short that year. Some of us even believed that his game might not ever be what it used to be. Some Doctors believed he’d never play again. The only person on this earth that knew 100-percent Adrian had what it took to come back even stronger than he was before was Adrian Peterson, himself.

He shocked me, he shocked you, he shocked your uncle, he shocked us all. Adrian showed everyone around the entire world that just because someone says you can’t do something. Certainly does not mean you can’t.

Will Peterson ever own Dickerson’s record? I’m no psychic but I believe within the next three years when you search who owns the NFL Single Season Rushing Record. It will not be Dickerson’s name up there. In fact it will be Adrian Peterson’s.

Adrian Peterson has proved to the NFL and the world that all things are possible as long as you have faith in yourself. The next time you doubt yourself, I want you to think back to this article. Then you’ll think; I can, you can, your Uncle can, and without any doubt Adrian can.

-Frankie Frombach (@TheNFLFan)