Philadelphia Eagles: A Tale of Two Secondaries

Philadelphia Eagles - John Geliebter

Philadelphia Eagles – John Geliebter

Over the last two seasons if an NFL fan were to think about the most physical, outstanding, best secondaries in the NFL the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t be on anyone’s mind. If they were on a fan’s mind, that means that fan bleeds green. In fact, last season the Eagles had one of the worst defensive secondaries in all of the NFL.

This year, the Eagles organization and all of their dedicated fans pray otherwise. The Eagles have cut previous cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha (San Francisco 49ers) and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie (Denver Broncos) due to poor performances during the past two seasons with the Eagles.

An average fan who follows the NFL is probably scratching their heads to why these two players didn’t work out in Philadelphia’s system. That question can only be answered by the coaches, players, analyst’s or the two players themselves. They might not have been motivated as an Eagle, had a few rough seasons, or perhaps just not the same players they used to be.

This season marks a turnaround for Philadelphia. With the signings of Kenny Phillips, Patrick Chung and Cary Williams, along with drafting rookie cornerback Jordan Poyer to pair with their slot corner Brandon Boykin, the Eagles are looking to build a defensive backfield that leaves everything they have out on the field.

If Phillips can stay healthy, he can do exactly what he did in New York — being one of the most physical, hard hitting safeties in the league — he will need a lot of help from the other safeties. Right away, Phillips won’t be an every-down Safety. Expect Phillips to be in on very crucial plays such as third or fourth-and-short. When the Eagles need a big play, Phillips will be there.

I had a chance to catch up with second-year safety David Sims of the Eagles and this is what he had to say about the Eagles secondary, “I think it’s going to go well but, we need to continue to work together in this new system and as new teammates. It is important for us to get familiar with each other so we can learn each others strengths and weaknesses. The secondary is going to be very physical this year”

What does that say about Philadelphia’s defense and the system Chip Kelly is installing here in Philadelphia?

It says, “you fans better be thinking of us now.”