Preseason Preview T Taylor Lewan Michigan



By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen

6’8 308 lbs

5th year senior where he has had 35 starts at left tackle.

First team all american by ESPNU. Big Ten Rimington Pace Offensive Linemen of the Year 2012. all Big Ten second team 2011.

Game Notes vs Ohio State 2012

Pass Protection throughout the whole game Lewan’s foot quickness differed. Sometimes he would beat his man to the edge with a fast kickslide and win the edge. Then the next place he could easily be beat to the outside by demonstrating a slower kickslide. Was put in a situation in this game as well as the Wisconsin game where he needed to keep two defenders at bay using one arm for each and did so both times very well. He keeps his feet moving throughout the play and mirrors rushers well.

Run Game Displays strong hands to knock defenders off the line of scrimmage. He is very aggressive at the point of attack, which in turns gets him into trouble on the second level in this game. He over pursues and whiffs a few blocks. On one occasion he recovers very well and gets his block. If he gets engaged Lewan creates a great deal of power in the run game creating holes by pushing defenders 3 yards back.

Displaying his ability to keep more than one defender away from the QB.

Displaying his ability to keep more than one defender away from the QB.

Game Notes vs Notre Dame 2012

Pass Protection keeps his pass protection very an extended amount of time one back to back plays. Due to Notre Dame’s defensive front being larger players this is extremely impressive. Lewan uses his own strength to keep them at bay. Later Lewan is bullrushed and knocked backwards immediately, yet quickly reanchors and does not give up on the play. It is safe to say in this game Lewan demonstrated a high motor the whole game.

Run Game over extends to often giving the large defensive front an advantage early in the play. Tuitt and Nix capitalize with impressive clubs that get them right by Lewan. One thing to note when he is beaten after lunging for defenders he gets up quickly if knocked down, or recovers, and goes to the second level incase the play is saved. One of the best traits to see in a tackle is to have plays designed to have them pull from across the line. Michigan lets Lewan use his ability to get moving and engage with extreme power by having him pulling.

Game Notes vs South Carolina Bowl Game 2013 vs Jadeveon Clowney a majority of the game

Pass Protection afraid of losing to the outside and kickslides to quickly giving up easiest path to the QB, the inside. Lewan is beaten by the club/swim move over and over this game much like the Notre Dame game. The inability to correct this needs to be noticed by coaches and scouts. Gets called for holding after being beat by a strong bullrush.

Run Game Does not pull in this game like he did in the last two breakdowns. Coaches more than likely afraid of Clowney ruining the play from behind. Lewan shows a mean streak and really drive blocks and takes Clowney out of the game from time to time. Many come away saying other than the huge blowup play Clowney had where he causes the fumble, Lewan had a good game. Yet there were many times where he was completely beaten or does not take Clowney out of the play.

What He Does Well

His strength is his strength Lewan displays a real strong ability to over power other players. Once Lewan has his hands on a player there is a good chance they will not be making a play. He displays quick hands that have a strong pop to them. His knowledge of the game is high as Michigan did multiple offesive schemes through the last two years.

Where He Needs to Improve

Being to aggressive can hurt players much more than it could ever help. Too many times Lewan over pursues and lunges for players making himself beaten easily. This also hurts him in second level engagement where he misses routinely. He was beaten by multiple club/swim moves in all of these games and never were corrected.


Top Matchups

9/7 vs Notre Dame

10/12 @ Penn State

11/30 vs Ohio State

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