Keys to Ben Roethlisberger Leading the Pittsburgh Steelers Back to the Playoffs

Steelers Ben Roethlisberger Completes Pass in Pittsburgh

In some of the years that Ben Roethlisberger has been the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he has led them to two Super Bowl titles and four AFC Championship games. He’s also led the Steelers to three AFC North titles since he came into the NFL in 2004. Will he lead them to another division title this year? In this article, I will explain why I think Roethlisberger can lead the Steelers this season.

The first reason I believe Ben will lead the Steelers is because of what  he brings to the table. Ben is one of the best quarterbacks in the entire league and I believe he can lead them to a AFC North title. He can unleash the long ball when he needs to and can also throw short passes when he needs to. He can also work very well with second-year offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Ben had to rely too heavily on his wide receivers to make big plays at the end of the game too often in 2012. The Steelers failed to do this last year at the end of the season which made them ending up missing the playoffs with an 8-8 record.

Ben can also lead the Steelers because he has the ability to extend plays during each and every game during the regular season. This means that Ben could possibly make a huge play at the end of the game and find a open receiver when other quarterback could succumb to pressure. We have seen him do this time and time again in many games throughout his career.

For example, when the Jets were attempting a comeback against the Steelers in the AFC Championship game a few years back, the Steelers needed one first down to clinch the game. When Ben dropped back and saw no one open, he scrambled out of the pocket to his right and found tight end Heath Miller wide open. This resulted in a first down and soon won the game thereafter. It’s the little things like that in a game that make Big Ben so special in the NFL. We all hope that he can do that this year and give the Steelers a huge boost from last year.

If Ben wants to lead the Steelers this year, they can not afford to allow him to get hurt again. Last year when the Steelers looked destined to make the playoffs, Ben got hurt in the middle of the season against Kansas City — he dislocated rib and sprained his shoulder. Injuries like this for Ben just can not happen again this year or the Steelers will miss the playoffs for back to back seasons — something the Steelers have not done in a long time.

Let’s all hope that Ben suffers no injuries next year and that he plays a full season something he hasn’t done in a long time.