Prospect Preview: Anthony Barr OLB UCLA

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By Draft Lead Philip Arnold @PhilipArnold20

Anthony Barr DE/OLB UCLA

6-4 245 lbs. Senior

82 Tackles, 21 TFL, 13 Sacks, 4 QBH, 4 FF. Second Team All-American and First Team All-PAC 12 selection in 2012. In 2012 Barr was ranked eighth in the nation in sacks per game and 12th in the nation in TFL per game.

Barr outside arm free

Barr does a good job getting past a block, keeping his outside leverage and outside arm free, and forcing the play to where his help is.

Game Notes vs. Cal 8 Tackles, 1 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 FF.

  • Barr plays a stand up defensive end/ outside linebacker. He lines up mostly at the line of scrimmage but goes outside the box to an outside the linebacker spot over the number two receiver. Barr is quick off the line of scrimmage, with good burst, and has great range at the line and in coverage.
  • Against the run: It all starts with Barr’s’ agility and burst off the line of scrimmage. He does a good job at getting a fast jump off the line making it hard for the potential blocker. His quick footwork and speed allows him to get past tackles or he does a good job getting his hands into the blockers, keeping his outside arm free (right) and making a move to get off. He is good at defeating hands of blockers with a good chuck of upper body strength. Barr was caught getting lackadaisical off the line of scrimmage and was taken out the next play. Another good ability Barr showed was how he extended his arms pressing the blocker and shedding to make a tackle or force a cutback.
  • Pass Rush: Like it was stated in the against the run section, Barr comes off the line with good burst. Barr’s’ best success in this game came when he used his speed rush. He showed a great jump off the line, getting up field, and dropping his shoulder past the arms of the tackle. Barr attempted a few bull rushes but good stood up and didn’t gain much collapse of the pocket. Barr is good at redirecting his path once he has got too far up-field and redirecting towards the Quarterback.
  • Coverage skills: Thought Barr showed good range in his coverage and good hip movement. He did a good job on a double slant route at not following the first inside and flipping his hips and finding the second one coming in behind him. He did a good job at picking up a check down route but ended up getting his back turned toward the QB allowing him to run for a first down.
  • Play that stood out: 1 Down and 10. It seems the Left Tackle is so concerned with Barr’s’ speed rush that he is extremely quick into his blocking set. Barr starts to work up-field, but when he is cut off he does a great job redirecting and staying on the up-field shoulder of the QB as he steps up in the pocket. Barr gives a great punch at the tackle, causing separation. As the play breaks down the QB lowers the ball and Barr does a great job knocking it out and almost causing a turnover.

Game Notes vs. Stanford (PAC 12 Championship) 8 Tackles, 1.5 TFL, 1.5 Sacks

  • Once again Barr is a stand up Defensive End and plays outside the box at an Outside Linebacker position in this game. Mainly plays the right defensive end lining up against #54 David Yankey. In the passing game Yankey has Barr handled pretty well most of the game. The same burst Barr had off the line of scrimmage against Cal, he lacked in this game.
  • Against the run: Barr does a great job taking on lead blockers in the ISO and power running schemes from the offense. He does a good job at taking on the puller/fullback with his inside arm and keeping his outside arm free forcing the run inside him to his help. For the second straight game Barr has made a nice play at the line of scrimmage from the outside backer position.  He reads run nicely from that spot and fills quickly to his assigned gap. He did get reach blocked allowing the play to hit outside, and was a bit out of control on two read option plays.
  • Pass Rush: Barr tried to speed rush Yankey multiple times, but Yankey had it contained very well. His speed rush just got him caught up-field too far allowing a bigger pocket for the QB. He tried a few spin moves to redirect inside, but Yankey had his number the whole game. He did come inside on a very nice stunt, which will be described below.

    Barr low pads

    Barr comes inside the Left Guard on a stunt by the defensive line. Barr does a great job lowering his shoulder and punching through the hands of the Guard for a sack.

  • Coverage: Barr had inconsistencies in his coverage this game. At times Barr flipped his hips nicely and getting into his drops and keeping receivers in front of him to rally up and make a play. When Barr gets beat in coverage it’s because he is slow into his drops. His eyes were caught in the backfield a few times, slowly hopping or shuffling into his drop and not gaining much ground.
  • Play that stood out: 3 Down and 5. Barr comes on a stunt, looping behind his tackle going to the outside. He shows good speed coming inside. Once the guard sees him coming and tries to get his hands on Barr does a great job lowering his pad level and giving a dip underneath the Guards hands (right). At this point the guard has no chance and Barr blows past for the sack.

Game Notes vs. USC 3 Tackles, 1 TFL, 1 Sack, 2 PBU.

  • Barr was used in multiple position this game. He lined up at his usual stand up Defensive End spot, Outside Linebacker position and UCLA used a form of their “wild” defense where Barr was in the middle. Played a very disciplined game and executed his responsibilities nicely.
  • Against the run: Barr does a great job executing his punch, extended and shed of blockers once again in this game. This is the third straight game Barr has shown the strength to execute this against Left Tackles. When the offensive play is designed for a gap on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage, Barr is good at folding the EMLOS back in with quick, choppy steps, cutting down the cutback lane for the ball carrier.
  • Pass Rush: UCLA used Barr on a variety of inside stunts and delayed blitzes. When Barr stunts to the middle he shows great quickness against much slower guards. Like the Stanford game, when Barr comes on a stunt he is good at lowering his pads so the interior lineman have troubles getting their hands to him. Barr does a great job at executing a variety of delayed blitzes, and gets some huge hits on QB Matt Barkley.

    Barr break

    These two images represent the hard,crisp break Barr takes an out route against Marqise Lee. Barr’s sharp break puts him in position for an interception.

  • Coverage: Really liked a flat break Barr took on an out route by the speedy Marqise Lee. There was no round in his break after he planted quickly (right) and probably would have had an interception if his teammate wasn’t there for it.  Barr needs to improve on getting his eyes off the QB and getting into his drops better.
  • Play that stood out: 2 Down and 10. UCLA is in an one down lineman package with Barr stacked in the middle of the defensive six. Barr comes on a stunt from his linebacker spot into the right side of the offensive line. The quickness and timing Barr has, leaves the Running Back responsible for him having no chance to pick him up. Barr comes to control quickly as Barkley attempts to avoid him and lays a punishing blow to him.

What he does well

Barr eyes

Anthony Barr drops into a zone coverage from his outside linebacker position. As he is in his backpedal/drop his eyed are staring right at the Quarterback the entire time. Behind him comes an in route from WR Maqise Lee, Barr has no idea the in route is coming right behind him and hits as soon as Lee comes past Barr.

Barr is a well developed prospect at this point with good range and ability to play against the run, pass and drop a bit into coverage. Barr has great quickness and agility as a stand up defensive end/outside linebacker in UCLA’s’ defensive scheme. Against the run Barr is active with hands keeping offensive lineman from getting a hold of him and giving him a ride. He is very good at punching into an offensive lineman, extending and shedding them once he finds the ball carrier. As an edge player Barr knows he is a contain man and does a great job at keeping his outside arm free for contain when taking on lead blockers and forcing everything inside. In his pass rush ability, Barr showed his best ability one on one against tackles in the Cal game. He did a great job with his speed rush and dipping his shoulder past the tackle. Barr showed in all the games an ability to redirect once he knew he worked to far up field and didn’t take himself out of the play. When Barr comes on stunts and delayed blitzes, he has great quickness to blow past slower interior blockers who try to get their hands on late. You don’t question Barr’s hustle and pursuit very often. Multiple times he was caught on tape hustling down field to clean up if a tackle was missed or broken.

What he needs to improve

The biggest thing Barr needs to improve upon is his consistency. When Barr is consistent in his fundamentals, he a very entertaining prospect to watch. The biggest thing Barr needs to become more consistent in is his pass coverage skills. Barr has good hip flexibility and good footwork at his outside linebacker position to drop into coverage. What kills him in coverage are his eyes (right). Too many times Barr has his eyes in the backfield on the QB and he gains no depth in his drops. In pass rushing, Barr could  improve his bull rush to have another solid counter to his speed rush. Barr does seem a bit robotic and stiff at times. When he is loose and flowing he is a force to stop. Remember Barr has only one year experience at the College Football level as an outside linebacker and will continue to develope his skills with more experience, a huge reason why he is such an exciting prospect.

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