Prospect Preview: Bradley Roby CB Ohio State

By Draft Lead Philip Arnold @PhilipArnold20

Grant Edgell/ Buckeye Empire

Bradley Roby CB Ohio State

5-11 192 lbs. Junior

63 Tackles, 2 TFL, 1 Sack, 2 INT, 19 PBU. Second Team All-American selection and First Team All-Big 10 selection in 2012. Led the nation and tied an Ohio State single-season record for PBU in 2012. Reported on the official Ohio State Website to have ran a 4.3 40.

Game Notes vs. Cal  9 Tackles, 2 PBU, 2 TFL, 1 Sack

  • Roby lined up as the Boundary Corner the whole game. Seemed to have played more zone coverage than man. Mostly cover 3 but you see some cover 2 also. Did a great job in pass coverage, not too much was completed on him.
  • Technique: His footwork in pass coverage was superb. Roby did a nice job making quick breaks, keeping his feet in his base and getting out of those breaks quickly. His hip rotation was great also and was noted a quite a few times that his hips dropped evenly in his backpedal and going into and coming out of breaks.
  • Ball Skills: Showed a great hook swat on the play that will be highlighted below. He did drop a wide open Pick Six didn’t seem to look it all the way in.
  • Against the run: Definitely needs to improve getting off blocks. Early in the game Keenan Allen manhandled him on a block, his feet were out from under his base and he had no leverage. Later in the game a tight end pushed him eight yards downfield before he ultimately got off the block and never had a real counter to the bigger, stronger defensive player. Does do a great job flying up once he gets off a block, or is unblocked. Isn’t afraid to hit and get his nose dirty.

    roby vs cal

    Notice the 4-5 yard cushion Roby has when the receiver is going into his break. Roby allows the right amount of separation, lowers his hips and makes a sharp cut toward the ball.

  • Play that stood out: 2 Down and 10. Roby is lined up to the short of a 3 by 1 receiver set. He does a great job staying in his backpedal with the receiver. Once the receiver enters his break, Roby keeps a perfect cushion, 3-4 yards when he opens his hips. The receiver gives him a head fake, but Roby has his eyes where he needs to, the receivers’ hips. He makes a quick, sharp break, and gets to the receiver before the ball does. He shows a great hook swat on the receivers’ hands, knocking the ball out for an incompletion.

Game Notes vs. Penn State 5 Tackles, 4 PBU

  • Once again lined up at Boundary corner the whole game. Played mostly the same coverage from the Cal game, 2 and 3. Was extremely impressed with his ball skills and how well he plays the Wide Receivers hands.
  • Technique: For the second straight game Robys’ footwork was impressive. He did get caught flat footed twice, one resulted in a holding call and the other almost was a touchdown. Roby showed again that he has very flexible and quick hips. His hips are low in his breaks and in his backpedal the whole game. There were no bad notes in this game of hip problems. In press coverage he runs his feet nicely, moving with the receiver, keeps a low frame and does a good job not lunging out to the receiver.

    Roby Ball

    This picture is occurring as the ball is getting to WR Allen Robinson after a vertical route. Look at Robys’ right hand. He does a perfect job waiting for the receiver to make a play and batting the hands down of Robinson.

  • Ball Skills: His ability to get his hands on the ball in the air were extremely impressive. On a vertical route he played the ball perfectly (right). When the receiver put his hands up Roby then flipped his head, and got his hands all over the receivers’ knocking them down as the ball was getting there. On a wheel route he once again played the hands perfectly, as the receiver put his up Roby defeated them and caused an PBU. Late in the game on a quick hitch, Roby showed a perfect hook swat, securing the tackle flying his free hand over the receivers’ shoulder and swatting the ball.
  • Against the run: Roby did a much better job in this game of fighting off blocks. He had a much better frame against blockers, keeping his feet underneath and not giving up ground (image below). Also thought he had some great tackles of putting his head on the ball and nearly knocking it loose.
  • Play that stood out: 3 down and 10. Roby is matched up against Allen Robinson, a Top 2014 Senior Wide Receiver. Robinson is running a vertical route. Roby is low in his backpedal, and the receiver declares his route, Roby has a perfect four yard cushion when he opens his hips. He then flips his hips quickly, and runs with the receiver getting his hand on his hip to feel him out. As the ball is getting to Robinson, Roby does a perfect job playing his hands (shown to the right), flipping his head and knocking the receivers hands down.

Game Notes vs. Nebraska 5 Tackles, 2 INT, 1 TD, 1 PBU

  • Once again was the boundary corner for this game. Played a bit more man coverage in this than others. Played an absolute great game (My first two notes started with the word “WOW”). How quick his is out of his breaks and how fast his feet move are great
  • Technique: His footwork once again is something to take note of. Roby is great with his feet and comes out of his breaks exceptionally well. Once he’s coming out of his breaks he takes sharp angles to the receiver, one of which resulted in a pick six. Once again it was noted a few times during this game how well he flips his hips when receiver have broken down his cushion. When Roby makes a great play it’s because his hips open him to go where he needs to.
  • Ball Skills: Had two interceptions in this game, one of which resulted in a touchdown. Did another nice job of playing the receivers hands on quick slant and knocking them off the ball. What I liked on his interception was how Roby high pointed the ball in front of the receiver, not allowing the receiver to have a chance to become the defender and potentially break it up.
  • Against the run: His physicality to take on a pulling guard and  blowing him back into the running back the first play of the game really stood out. Did miss a tackle on a touchdown run by Taylor Martinez. He tried to sweep tackle Martinez but didn’t perform any type of wrap causing him to slide off.

    Roby pick 6

    Bradley Roby makes an exceptional break on a ball thrown by Taylor Martinez for a touchdown. This picture shows how Roby is flying out of his break before the Wide Receiver is breaking and flipping his head. Robys’ hips are pointed downfield at the breaking point of the receiver and his feet are already into his next step.

  • Play that stood out: 3 down and 10. Roby is manned up in a doubles formation and the receiver is running a comeback route. Roby once again does a great job flipping his hips once the receiver has entered his 3 to 4 yard cushion. He then makes a quick hard back step, flipping his hips to where he needs to go and coming out of his break quickly (illustrated right). He then breaks on a sharp 45 degree angle to step in front of the receiver and go down the sideline for a touchdown.

What he does well

Roby is an exceptional corner and definitely a top 10 to 15 talent for most. There are many things Bradley Roby does well, the first of which is his technique. Roby has unbelievable hip flexibility which allows him to make most of his plays. His footwork and how fast he breaks is another standout point of Robys’ game. In and out of breaks his feet hit quick and he’s into his next step with not many false steps or wasted movements. He is very quick out of his breaks due to his hip flexibility opening to where he needs to go and his fast feet. When the ball is in the air Bradley Roby is very good at making a play. He plays the hands of the receiver very well waiting for them to extended their arms and batting them down as the ball is landing. He has also shown a great hook swat at times on quick hitches and slant routes.

What he needs to improve


Roby does a much better job at the point of attack on a bigger tight end. He could use a little wider base, but Roby needs to continue to improve his ability to defeat blockers.

There are a few points of Robys’ game that he can continue to clean up. Against the run Roby has shown the ability to take on blockers nicely (shown right) with a good strong, aggressiveness. But at times can seem to be late in the run game or wait for the action to come to him. I’d like to see Roby get a bit more stronger at the point of attack against bigger blockers and fight to get off blocks better. I question whether Ohio States’ defense is designed for Roby to give up so much of a cushion to Wide Receivers or if it a personal preference. Roby tends to give up a few more yards than normal to Wide Receivers at the snap, leaving him vulnerable to quick hitting routes. He has shown the ability to press but tends to play off a bit.

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