Prospect Preview: Jason Verrett CB TCU

By Draft Lead Philip Arnold @PhilipArnold20

Jason Verrett CB TCU

Anthony McGhee/ AP

5-10 176 lbs. Senior

63 Tackles, 5 TFL, 6 INT, 16 PBU. Third Team All-American selection and First Team All-Big 12 selection in 2012. Led the Big 12 and was third in the nation in PBU per game. Was second in the Big 12 and sixth in the nation in INT. 

Game Notes vs. Texas Tech

  • Loved Verrett’s physicality, ball skills and hip work in this game. Lined up at Boundary Corner majority of the game, playing either Man Coverage (0 & 1) while TCU showed a bit of 2 and 4 coverage. 8 passes were thrown to the man he was assigned in these different coverage, Five were complete, the other three resulted in pass breakups.
  • Technique: Hips were fluid most of the game, showing press bail and press coverage from the line and was able to flip his hips nicely and run with the receiver. Footwork was decent, in quick in breaking routes (slants & quick in) hopped in his break with no plants and drive causing separation and allowing the receiver to become open. He did slip on a double move, feet got out from underneath him (QB missed the open receiver).
  • Ball Skills: Verrett showed great ball skills in this game. He had three pass breaks in the game. First play of the game on a quick he showed a good hook swat. A few plays later on an in route, he made a great play getting his hands on the ball before the intended receiver could get his hands out.
  • Against the run: Really loved the physicality he showed on blockers to battle off them quickly. A good punch and shed along with active feet allowed him to free up for some nice open field tackles. He also came on two corner blitzes both resulting in TFLS. Good job reading the hips of the back while timing and speed put him in position both times.
  • Play that stood out: First series 2 down and nine. Verrett is in press and the receiver is running a deep in route. Verrett does a good job at the line firing his feet, keep inside leverage on the receiver. When the receiver makes his break he does a great job flipping his hips and fighting back over the receiver. He knows he has help over the top (Looks like a version of cover 1) and is able to get his hands on the ball before the receiver can attempt to make a play.

Game Notes vs. Michigan State

  • After questioning some footwork skills from the Texas Tech game, I saw much better improvement in this game. Lined up at Boundary Corner the whole game playing a mix of man and zone coverage this game. He does seem a bit small.
  • Technique: Hips are fluid once again, showcased by quick change of direction and breaks. Footwork was much better in this game. The same breaks which he was rounding and hopping into against Texas Tech, he was very sharp and quicker in this game. His T-step and plants on quick routes were spot on and put him in great position to make a play or secure a quick tackle. Got beat on a double move again, over aggressive and footing came out from underneath.
  • Ball Skills: Put himself in position for a wide open interception and just dropped it. He jumped for the pass, and it wasn’t needed, probably causing him to lose control and focus and ultimately dropping the pass.
  • Against the run: Felt he was a bit hesitant and wasn’t aggressive in this game as the Texas Tech game. Thought he had read run early, but let the play come to him instead of filling and making a play. Showed  a very nice sweep tackle in the open field against Le’Veon Bell and once again came on a nice timed cornerback blitz.
  • Play that stood out: 3 down and 6 with 4 minutes remaining, Verrett is playing man to man coverage. The receiver runs a quick slant route. The way in which he flips he hips quickly and fluidly with a hard plant and drive towards the receiver is the exact way it is supposed to look. Once he is at the receiver he does a great job securing a tackle, getting his hands into the receivers’ hands from behind and getting the pass breakup. I was really impressed with the quick hip movement and his T-step.

What he does well

Verrett’s hips are right where they need to be. He flips them open quickly and fluidly and changes direction onto receivers breaks well. Have no problems with his ball skills. He gets his hands out nicely before receivers can knocking it down. He also has shown a few good hook swats on receivers. He is very good at timing the cornerback blitz TCU has designed for him. When he comes up for tackles he comes up under control with good footwork and showed some nice sweep and open field tackles.

What he needs to improve

To make a clear judgment on his footwork you will have to see a few more games. In Texas Tech he was hopping in breaks and then against Michigan State was making sharp breaks and causing him to make plays he wasn’t the other game. The plus side about that is the Michigan State game was the last of the season, so it shows he could have made strides to fix up his techniques and become a better player. I would like to see him get a bit more aggressive against the run. Seemed to want to watch and let the play develop a bit instead of flying up and getting to the ball. Only in 5-10 176 lbs. so will need to find ways to beat bigger receivers who have a size advantage.

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