Hernandez Attorney Blasts Media For “False Reports”

The past week has seen a flurry of activity around the home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. With the police investigation flurrying around the 23 year old, the rumors have been flying out faster than the news or the reporters have been able to keep up.

There were reports over the span of a few days at the end of last week that arrest warrants were issued for Hernandez regarding the shooting death of acquaintance Odin Lloyd or were shortly forthcoming. Hernandez and his lawyers have been largely silent and with good reason. Hernandez has yet to be charged with any crime. But no longer….

Things aren't looking good for NE Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez as the homicide investigation of Odin Lloyd drags on (SBalestrieri photo)

Things aren’t looking good for NE Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez as the homicide investigation of Odin Lloyd drags on (SBalestrieri photo)

 Michael Fee of the Boston law firm Ropes & Gray and Hernandez’s attorney, blasted the media while issuing the following statement:

“Over the past week, our client, Aaron Hernandez, has been the subject of a relentless flood of rumors, misinformation, and false reports in the media. These include the repeated publication of a supposedly confirmed report that an arrest warrant had been issued for Aaron, a report that was exposed as untrue.

“None of these false reports come from official sources and we appreciate the professionalism and restraint shown by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office to date with regard to its public statements while its investigation is underway. Out of respect for that ongoing investigation, we will continue to refrain from commenting on its substance.”

While the investigation continues, both the police and the DA’s office have yet to make any public statements concerning the case. After serving warrants last week to search the Hernandez home, state police officers in wet suits and metal detectors searched a creek nearby his home on Monday.

Hernandez hasn’t been seen since returning from his lawyer’s office on Friday, and it is believed that he is inside his home. Jamie Sultan, one of his attorneys, was seen leaving his home on Tuesday afternoon.

CytoSport, makers of Muscle Milk, announced Friday that they were ending their association with Hernandez as a spokesman for their product. Puma, another Hernandez sponsor, said it hasn’t made any decision yet whether or not to end their endorsement deal.

On Monday, the Pro Football Central “Pigskins ’N’ Pearls” podcast hosted a variety of guests including former Patriots player and now columnist Matt Chatham, Bree Sisson a reporter for CBS Boston, Adam Silverstein, who covered Hernandez while he was in college at Florida and shed some light on some of the incidents that caused Hernandez to slip in the 2010 NFL Draft, and myself representing Patriots Central. There was a bunch of differing interviews and points of view and host Heather Lloyd hit on a variety of issues concerning this case, Hernandez and the New England Patriots. To listen to the show click here:

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