My Team Has Never Won a Championship

By: Chase Fitzgerald
Hi everyone. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Chase Fitzgerald. I’m 16 years old, I live in Florida, and I am one of the biggest if the not the biggest sports fan on the planet. I started following sports when I was 12 and I instantly fell in love. My whole life is sports. This is my typical day: Wake up to MLB/NFL/NBA Network, check twitter for sports news, go to school and daydream about sports, get home, check twitter for what I missed, and then watch whatever sport is on. That has been pretty much my life for a couple years and I wouldn’t change any second of it. To me, sports is the greatest thing on the planet and nothing is better than watching your teams win. The only problem is I’ve never seen them win.

Of course, I’ve seen them win regular season games but, never seen them win a championship. Of course, many fans share my pain and this is article is for them. My teams’ are the Bengals, Reds, Buckeyes, and Cavaliers. So as you can see, I have gone through my share of bad seasons. I know what you’re thinking though. “You have only been watching sports for 4 years.” That may be true, but let me share what I have gone through these past years. No Playoff wins until last Saturday, the Reds being no-hit in the playoffs, Mike Brown, Lebron James leaving, the Reds blowing a 2-0 series lead at home, Mike Brown, Buckeyes losing twice to Florida in the National Championship in two different sports, and never seeing my team win a championship.

The last time any of my teams won a championship was 1995, one year before I was born. So if any Cincinnati fans are looking for something to blame for their woes, I’m your guy. Even though none of my teams have won a championship, I still come and I cheer every day for them. I go into every season believing this is the year and I stay optimistic even when they lose to a Hail Mary pass opening game or play just awful to start the season (reds). For instance, not one hour ago the Reds were eliminated from the playoffs and yet I’m not that disappointed. Of course tomorrow is another story but I’m that mad because this team has given me what no team has ever given me; playoff wins. I got to watch my team win a playoff game which was probably the happiest days of my life.

Of course I’m only 15 so that is subject to change. I got to watch a no-hitter which is right up there with the playoff win and Joey Votto’s walk-off grand slam which is the greatest single moment ever. I remember listening to Marty on the radio because I couldn’t get to work and biting my nails when Votto went up to the plate. Then hearing the crack of Votto’s back which I still remember so clearly then just being completely in shock. So whenever I get angry or sad because of sports, I go and I listen to Marty’s call and I think all you Reds fans should do the same. There is no use in being mad or sad so why not remind yourself of the good times? To all you fans that are much older and haven’t seen your team win a championship I salute you. You are much more patient then me and I respect more than any fan in the world for not jumping ship and I assure you, you will one day see that championship. Right now is a great time to be a Cincinnati fan.

The Bengals have a great young core, the Cavs have Kyrie Irving, the Buckeyes have Urban Meyer, and the Reds just have one of the best teams in the league. That is why I feel confident in saying that by the time I graduate high school, I will get to see a championship. So I implore you, please stay positive through hard times. One day our day will come and instead of rubbing it in other teams fans’ faces like they do to us, let’s just celebrate our team. Thanks for reading.