PFC Foundation Of The Week


Ndamukong Suh Family Foundation

As an NFL rookie, Ndamukong Suh’s impact was astounding. Finishing the season with 10 sacks as a defensive tackle, he was voted to the Pro-Bowl as the only rookie starter. Also taking home the NFL’s 2010 Rookie of the Year Award, his passion for the team’s success lead them to their best record since 2007.

Ndamukong’s passion for philanthropy began at a young age, donating his own clothing, books, and toys to children of his parents’ home lands of Cameroon, Africa where Michael, his father was born and Jamaica where Bernadette, his mother was born. As he grew so did his giving. He went on to become an active volunteer at local food banks, and participated in major recycling functions with his family. Entering his college years he spent time visiting hospitals where he comforted the elderly and held babies in NICU.
His most notable giving experience came after receiving his Engineering degree but before obtaining his first post-collegiate position. He donated $2.6 million dollars to his alma mater dedicated to both the athletic program and the college of engineering department of which he received his degree.

Since being drafted 2nd overall in 2010, Ndamukong and sister Ngum, who also serves as his business manager, started the Ndamukong Suh Family Foundation. They continue to strive for philanthropic success through the foundation, whose principles are comprised of:
• Education
• Health, Wellness & Nutrition
• International Outreach
In his efforts to encompass his foundations mission, Ndamukong and his family have developed ways to be become involved his chief home bases:
• Portland, OR (Birthplace)
• Lincoln, NE (collegiate town)
• Detroit, MI (professional home)
• Cameroon (father’s birthplace)
• Jamaica (mother’s birthplace)
Within its first year of operation, the foundation sent Ndamukong to donate over 250 toys to the children of Detroit Medical Center in Holiday celebration. Ngum spent time as a mentor for high school students in DPS and the Walled Lake School districts of Michigan. The Foundation has partnered with Nike to cover the expenses for the US Grant High School football uniforms, the team Ndamukong once played for. In Detroit, the Foundation made an emergency delivery to the inner city Frederick Douglass High School, providing brand new cleats, gloves, and assisted with helmet Xenith delivery when Suh found out their belongings had been stolen and facilities vandalized. Through the foundation’s efforts they were provided their best homecoming game to date.
The foundation has donated auction items to countless organizations in efforts to fund medical health research and has even adopted a school in Bamenda, Cameroon where Michael, Ndamukong’s father grew up.

As Ndamukong continues to build his professional platform, he and his family hope to develop the foundation’s podium through community outreach and support.