#9 Overall the New York Jets Select…

By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen

CB Dee Milliner

The Jets replace Darrell Revis with another potential shut down corner. He can press and run well with receivers. Saban’s defense does not require DBs to back pedal, he’ll have to learn technique with that.  Miliner can blanket receivers and physically handle them. He is an attacking corner who goes for every tackle. You will see him dive for many of the tackles though. He ran a lot better at the combine with a 4.37 40 than most thought he would. He may not be the play maker due to his hands that we have had in the top 10 in years past. Milliner is a great pick for the Jets. They were put in a bad position with Revis and replace him quickly, plus Milliner will be much cheaper the next 5 years than Revis. Unfortunately for Milliner he will always be compared to the best corner in football.