Chase Thomas Scouting Report




By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen


Chase Thomas was one of the leaders of a disciplined, attacking Stanford Cardinal defense. He was put into multiple roles as their 34 rush outside linebacker. You could see him with his hand in the dirt, standing up and rushing, or covering the Tight End split out. He was routinely causing trouble in the backfield of opposing offenses. 


Possess a very strong swim and club move that catches offensive linemen off guard. He is very quick off the snap and is disciplined in the scheme. Thomas is an intelligent player who shows a high effort on the field.


Thomas puts himself in position to make a lot of splash plays, yet did not always complete them and whiff on the tackle. He does not have overly impressive change of direction or lateral quickness.


Thomas comes in at 6’3 and 244 pounds. He ran an 4.91 40 at the combine where he also had 18 reps on the bench. Thomas is a hustle player with intelligence making his numbers less important. He was an All American while accumulating 17.5 tfl and 8.5 sacks

Pass Rush:

As mentioned he has a impressive swim and club that he beats tackles with regularly. He also has an impressive spin move that he shows off. He is not great at bending the edge and uses his power and burst off the snap to produce plays. He can over persue the QB and miss the tackle.



Does a decent job at mirroring receivers in coverage. Does not get deep enough in zone, but is good at keeping his eyes on the QB. Due to his lack of athleticism we will not see Thomas asked to cover often in the NFL.


Run Support:

Thomas is disciplined in stopping the run. He does a good job at sealing the edge and turning the play inside. It does not matter if he is right up on the tackle or covering the slot he redirects them well. Verses blockers he does a good job at being strong with his hands and popping them back in their stance. He disengages well once being blocked.




Most of the time he displays sound technique when going for a tackle. Then other times he completely whiffs on the tackle due to over pursuing. He does a good job moving through trash to get to the ball carrier.

Scheme and Draft Expectations:

Staying in the 34 OLB position would be a benefit for Thomas. He does a good job at using his instincts and hustle to be a productive player. He needs to add some strength and become more agile when changing direction. Thomas is looking to be a 3rd round pick and may become a starter in the NFL. If he does not Thomas would be a great rotational player for a team.