Who’s At Helm In Philadelphia?


By PFC Blogger Frankie Frombach

The Philadelphia Eagles will be entering this 2013 NFL season with a fresh new start and they are ready for war. But is this really “fresh”? Michael Vick is the oldest player on the entire Philadelphia Eagles roster at the age of 32 & by time the season starts for the NFL Michael Vick will be a 33 year old quarterback with injury factors not exactly on his side.

What exactly does this mean for Philadelphia? This means if thing’s do not go well for Michael Vick and his Eagles squad, his job in Philadelphia will be over. All Eagles fans watched last season’s games in disgust as their beloved Eagles finished the season with a total of 4 wins. For many fans, this season was the worst they have ever encountered with their team.

If the Eagles do not get off to a decent start Michael Vick’s job might be at risk early. Coach Chip Kelly brought in a player he knows very well by the name of Dennis Dixon. Dennis played quarterback for Oregon and was a 2008 round 5 draft pick selection for the Pittsburgh Steelers. While at Pittsburgh Dennis has thrown for 402 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions with a career passer rating of 71.4. This very well could mean Chip Kelly will want to do things with Dennis that they have done in the past at Oregon. This College ball style of football might not exactly if Dennis Dixon is at helm for the Philadelphia Eagles. It would be extremely interesting to see what kind of success Coach Chip & Dennis Dixon could do together if the opportunity presents itself.

Not so fast ladies and gentleman, Nick Foles has something to say about this quarterback dispute as well. Foles a 2012 round 3 draft selection from the University of Arizona got to see a bit of playing time down the stretch of the 2012 season for Philadelphia. December 3rd, 2012 Nick Foles won the starting quarterback position and threw for a total of 1,699 yards, 6 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, and total passers rating of 79.1. With winning the quarterback position for Philadelphia why doesn’t this mean Foles would start coming opening day against Washington in the 2013 campaign for the Eagles?

That question can only be answered by few and I am not one of them. If he does want the job luck will have to be on his side. Expect to see him get a chance before quarterback Dennis Dixon. With the first mistake he makes Eagles fans will be chanting “Dennis” because they always have faith in new things and never want to settle for anything less. Nick will have to be on his A game and show the NFL what he can really can do if he wants to be at the helm for Philadelphia. I think with the experience he had as a rookie last season he will win the starting position for Philadelphia and lead them to the playoffs down the stretch of the season.

The quarterback position will be a very big mess for Philadelphia this season and the competition will be endless between Vick, Foles, and Dixon. The player who wins the most games will be the one out on the field regardless of how well they play. Vick will need to hang on to the ball and make smart decisions. Foles will need to work on his throwing accuracy and show fans he can keep plays alive on his feet like he has done before, and Dixon will need to prove to all the fans, media, and staff that he is more than just a backup quarterback in the NFL. This season will be one of the most controversial seasons Philadelphia has had in a very long time. They will gain fans, lose their bandwagoners, and show who they truly are this season, where time is doing nothing but running out.

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