Buffalo Bills Draft News

By PFC Bills Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

The Buffalo Bills have a big decision to make come Thursday night during the NFL Draft.  There is word out there that the Bills are high on Matt Barkley from USC,  there is also the connection of the Bills taking Ryan Nassib from Syracuse because of his connection with the coaching staff.  Recent trade rumors of Darrelle Revis being possibly traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would make you think that it would press the Bills into making a quick decision on picking a quarterback with the 8th overall pick.  To the surprise of many the Buffalo Bills have begun to obtain more and more information on three particular draft prospects.  The surprise is, of these three, none of which are a quarterback.  The Bills have had the bulk of their decisions about Chance Warmack, Lane Johnson and Tavon Austin.  There are a few obvious connections with each of these three prospects.

First, Chance Warmack is a position filler for recent guard departure Andy Levitre.  He would be a great fit and would solidify an already talented offensive line for the Bills.  Being that Coach Marrone knows a thing or two about his lineman that would mean that he has high regards for Chance and loves what he sees.  Second, Lane Johnson would make sense as well because he could become the Bills starting left tackle.  This transaction would shift Cordy Glenn into the left guard position.  There are three highly regarded tackles in this draft and Lane is one of them.  Buddy Nix has said on record that he does feel as if they are all set on the guard position with the current players on the roster.  Is this a smoke screen????  Lastly, Tavon Austin, he has steadily begun to move up on a lot of teams draft boards.  He would play a pivotal role in the Bills west coast offensive scheme if he was picked.  He is known for being a speed receiver who can make plays with his feet, also could be used in the return game if needed.  The talk about these three draft prospects has heated up just recently.

Many would say that quarterback is the pick at 8, and I can agree because without a franchise quarterback running your team you could easily fail.  There is word that they haven’t even mentioned taking a QB with their pick at 8 as well.  They are very high on EJ Manuel and have requested multiple reports on everything.  They believe he could possibly be there in the second round and even possibly late first, if they needed to trade back into to get him.  The Bills put out a smoke screen during the draft day press conference earlier, was this a ploy to hide their true intentions?  There are those connections that Manuel has with the Bills family, Bruce Smith is EJ’s godfather, Is Bruce putting in a good word about his godson?

So with all that said, are these the final three the Bills are down to?  Do they take a guard to sure up the offensive line? Do they take what they hope is the next franchise quarterback???

Check back for the latest Bills news leading up to the draft on Thursday night…..