Khaseem Greene Scouting Report


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By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen

Khaseem Greene made the transition from FS as a Sophomore to a OLB his junior and senior seasons. As a free safety he racked up 77 tackles and 2 ints. The move to outside linebacker proved to be a good move for Greene as he posted 141 and 136 tackles. He used his coverage traits he learned as a free safety to become one of the best outside linebacker prospects in the 2013 NFL draft. He also is half brother to Pittsburgh running back Ray Graham.


Greene’s best attribute is his ability in coverage. He reads the QB’s eyes like a safety and does a good job getting deep in coverage. He is a sound tackler who shows max effort, which is shown by his tackle amounts.


Greene has a hard time getting off of blocks once he is engaged. He fights hard with his hands to disengage but lacks ideal strength to get released. Greene also lacks a pass rush ability even though as a senior he had six sacks.


6’1 241 lbs. Greene ran a 4.71 in the 40 a reason he was moved to outside linebacker from safety. He also only put up 17 reps in the bench press. He needs to add strength to his game. He led line backers in the 20 and 60 yard shuttle with a 4.20 in the 20 yard shuttle. He was Co-Big East defensive player of the year in 2011. In 2011 with five minutes to go in the ISU Rutgers bowl game Greene broke his ankle. He did not miss a beat coming back for his senior season.

Pass Rush:

As mentioned Greene lacks the ability to bend the corner while rushing the passer. He does not have much for pass rush moves. He is best when the QB attempts to escape the pocket due to his high awareness. He was given many opportunities on delayed blitzes with free rushes but lacks the straight line speed to complete the play. Do not expect to see Greene on many blitzes in the NFL.

Run Support:

While coming to have over 130 tackles in back to back seasons you have to be good in the run game. Greene does a good job at remaining unblocked during run plays and finds holes to the running back with ease. He has a high awareness once he knows who has the ball and does a good job getting to him. Greene had troubles with play action and the read option and that could be due to his size of 6’1. Once engaged Greene does not get free, but went unblocked many times. Pulling guards and tackles going to the second level can really knock Greene backwards due to a lack of core strength.


Does a good job reading the QB eyes while playing zone. Has good instincts to feel players in his space. Sticks on backs in man coverage. Is very aggressive while dealing with backs coming out of the backfield. Gets deep in his coverage and has good hands. Can be taken advantage of due to his size and his poor vertical of 30″. His strongest part of the game and a reason we see Greene high on the OLB list.


A very impressive one on one tackler. Did not see many ball carriers get by him. Flows to the ball well and wrap ups to bring down the ball carrier. Chooses to deliver big hit from time to time. Does an amazing job at going for the ball when tackling. Had 6 forced fumbles as a senior. Always aware of where the ball is and attacks with intention.


Khaseem has two different sets of awareness. He is football smart and diagnoses the run very well and attacks. He does not fall for fake field goals as shown in the ISU bowl game.He does good in coverage. Yet he has a hard time diagnosing play action and can be to aggressive going for the run and eventually get burnt in the process. Has a hard time seeing over linemen.

Draft Expectations and Scheme Fit:

Greene fits in as a weak side outside linebacker for a 43 defense where he does not need to take on as many blockers. He needs to be used to cover in the passing game and let loose to attack the run game. It is more than likely we will see Greene come off the board in round 1 in this year’s draft.