Arthur Brown Kansas St. ILB Scouting Report

By PFC Draft Writer Philip Arnold (@PhilipArnold20)


Arthur Brown Kansas St. ILB

Arthur Brown is one of the most athletic defensive players in this year’s whole draft class.  On PFC we have him ranked as the 2nd best Inside Linebacker and the best 4-3 outside linebacker.  A bit undersized for an idea NFL linebacker, Brown uses his athleticism to make him the linebacker he is.  Brown started his college career at Miami and transferred to Kansas State for his final two seasons.  In the 2012 season Brown was selected as All-American and All-Big 12 honors while being named the Big12 defensive player of the year.


Brown is an all-around complete athlete. Though he was unable to compete in the NFL Combine due to a shoulder injury, he shows great speed for the position and proved that with a 4.58 40 at his Pro Day.  Brown is superb in defeating blocks and rarely gets cut.  He is very talented in keeping blockers off his pads by using his hands.  He keeps good balance and pad level while taking on blockers.  Brown can play sideline to sideline in both the run and pass.


Brown’s athleticism can cause him to overrun plays and put him out of position.  In the play action game he can be caught flat footed or caught biting up on the play fake.  Brown who stands at 6 foot and weighing 236 lbs. is a bit undersized for an NFL linebacker.  In Kansas State’s defensive scheme Brown wasn’t used in blitzes as much as the other Linebacker prospects in this year’s class.


Brown was unable to perform at the NFL combine due to a shoulder injury.  Brown was able to prove his athleticism during his Pro Day at Kansas State with a 4.58 40 time, 21 bench reps and a 32.5 inch vertical jump.  Brown can play sideline to sideline and in Kansas St.’s defense he was forced to play outside the box against the 5 wide passing schemes of the Big 12.


After transferring to Kansas State from Miami, Brown was named a team captain in both his years at Kansas State.  For being a new guy to a program, that shows Browns leadership both on and off the field.  Brown, who is the brother of Eagles Running Back Bryce Brown, was nicknamed “The judge” by past teammates because of his attitude of speaking through his actions.

Pass Coverage

As an Inside Linebacker Brown is gifted in pass coverage.  In zone coverage, Brown flips his hips nicely allowing him to get depth in his drops.  He is gifted in understanding route combinations and getting to his drop and finding the receiver.  Brown’s athleticism was used in Spy coverage against dual threat Qb’s; Geno Smith, RGIII, and Marcus Mariota.

In Man coverage, was able to run with Tight Ends and Running backs.  On tape against West Virginia Brown was paired with Tavon Austin in the slot many of times and showed he was able to stick with one of the fastest players in this year’s draft.  Teams that used Tight Ends, such as Oregon, Brown had no problems sticking with his man.

The only flaw in Brown’s pass coverage skills are his eyes can beat him.  Brown has shown at times being froze and sucking up on play action leaving an open receiver behind him.

Run Support

Brown is excellent at defeating would be blockers with his speed and hands and stopping the run. When Brown sees an open gap he fills it quickly.  He has a good array of hand moves in helping keep blockers of his pads.  Brown is just too athletic to be cut and pulling guards cannot catch up to him.  Brown is very talented at scrapping across the line and making plays on cut backs.  On straight ahead blocks, Brown needs some work due to his lack of size.  When he allows blockers to get their hands on him he can get driven back after initial pop.  Brown takes good angles on ball carriers, but at times can get lost in the pile and overrun plays.

Pass Rush

Kansas State rarely used Brown in the blitzing game.  When he did come on blitzes, he was used on edge pressures and delayed blitzes.  He only had one sack this past year.  When sent off the edge, he made some nice run down tackles down the line of scrimmage.  In other blitz schemes, Brown was mainly used in delays allowing him to use his speed to have a clean shot on the QB.   Though Brown was rarely used for pass rushing at the college level, NFL teams can try to use his athleticism a bit more against less talented, slower lineman.


Brown has his ups and downs as a tackler.  In between the tackles Brown wraps up nicely, runs his feet and finishes the play.  In the open field Brown uses good angles to keep leverage on ball carriers and forcing them to make a decision.  When Brown misses tackles it’s because of two reasons; he goes to high or lunges.  Versus Oregon, Brown got stiff armed pretty badly because he attempted to go high.  One on one in space, Brown showed a tendency of lunging at ball carriers, ultimately causing him to put his hand down and miss tackles.

Draft Predictions and NFL Fits

Though Brown may lack in size, he has the athleticism to play in both a 3-4 and 4-3 defense. His abilities against the run and skills in pass coverage make him a three down backer.    A 4-3 defensive team that drafts Brown will most likely look at him as a weak side linebacker.  Brown could fit in as a true middle guy or mike, but will need to be covered up by heavier DT’s keeping him free.  In a 3-4 scheme, Brown might not be as suited, but could play at the weak side inside backer as well.  I believe Brown will be the first inside linebacker taken in this draft and I don’t see him falling out of day one of the draft.

Chicago (1.20)

Cincinnati (1.21, 2.5)

Minnesota (1.25)

Houston (1.27)

Baltimore (1.32)