Fantasy Focus: PPR Studs and Sleepers

By Fantasy Writer Josh Collacchi (@JCollacchiPFC)

In the always growing fantasy football world, there are always “new” things people want to try, or a new scoring system a league wants to add. Over the last few years, PPR (point per reception) leagues have become more abundant. These leagues have the same scoring as any standard league, but with one addition. Each reception is now worth fantasy points. Most leagues have a half point per reception or a full point per reception. This may not seem like much, but it can be the difference in a win or loss for each week. For example, Demaryius Thomas could have 10o yards and a TD, which equates to 16 fantasy points, a great day for a wide receiver. But he only had 4 catches, so in a PPR league Thomas earns 20 points. Wes Welker could have 90 yards and no TD, but here is the catch; Welker had 9 catches for 90 yards. In a 1 PPR league, Welker had 18 points. The point is clearly made that catches mean more than a “great fantasy game” because although Demaryius Thomas is a great WR, he is not getting a TD every week. Wes Welker WILL have 7 to 8 catches a week, so is guaranteed at least 12 points, which is a great number to have consistently.

Another PPR change is for running backs. Marshawn Lynch will be one of the top 5 RBs drafted this year, and for good reason. But in a PPR league, look at the difference. Marshawn Lynch would normally put up about 90 yards and a TD each week, at 15 points, which is fantastic. But Lynch NEVER caught the football. Darren Sproles will likely only get between 30 and 40 yards rushing each week, and “only” score about 9 total TDs a year, but Sproles caught 75 passes last year. So each week, Sproles would catch about 5 passes, which normally gets him 60 yards receiving. Paired with 40 yards rushing, Sproles is at 15 points nearly every week, WITHOUT scoring a TD. PPR leagues are vastly different, even though they are only one small change in scoring.

Here are a look at PPR “Studs” for next season:



Ray Rice

Darren Sproles

Matt Forte

Reggie Bush

LeSean McCoy

C.J. Spiller


Jacquizz Rodgers

Joique Bell

Marcel Reece

James Casey



Calvin Johnson

Wes Welker

Brandon Marshall

Marques Colston

Andre Johnson

Randall Cobb


Danny Amendola

DeSean Jackson

Jeremy Maclin

Emmanuel Sanders

Andre Roberts



Rob Gronkowski

Jimmy Graham

Jason Witten

Tony Gonzalez

Heath Miller


Jermaine Gresham

Brandon Pettigrew

James Casey

Brent Celek

PPR leagues are rapidly growing, so now is the time to start planning for them!