FA Tight End Fred Davis Visiting Bills Today

By PFC Bills Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

Free Agent Tight End Fred Davis is visiting with the Buffalo Bills today.  Last night during the PFC Radio show Davis confirmed that he was heading to Buffalo this morning to continue speaking with Bills Front Office.  It is expected that Davis is there to take a physical and possibly begin to discuss contract possibilities.  The Bills had begun to court Fred this past weekend, taking him out to dinner and having a lengthy conversation.  Davis mentioned on the radio show that new head coach Doug Marrone was there as well as offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett along with Buddy Nix and Russ Brandon. 

Davis said that he had been very impressed with Coach Marrone.  He went on saying “He was really cool and all the things he talked about you can tell he’s a humble guy that doesn’t make choices because of money.  Its more about what he wants to do in life”.  Fred was referring to Marrone being a player’s coach.  Fred really seemed to enjoy the interest from the Bills.  He went on to say that “I had a good feeling with them, they’re a good group of guys.”  It is safe to say the Bills have won Davis over by saying all the right things, now they just have to be prepared to produce a contract that both parties agree upon.

It was mentioned during the interview about the possibilities of playing on the field with current Bills Tight End Scott Chandler.  Davis liked the idea of being able to be on the field together, mentioning that with the offensive style that will be run, there could be a bunch of two tight end sets, thus making it harder for defenses to cover them both.  Davis also seemed to not mind too much about the Bills having a rookie quarterback to lead the team.  He feels as if the tight end would be a safety net for the quarterback thus resulting in a lot of catches for the position.

Just from hearing Fred talk with Brian during the radio show, it is safe to say that Davis is very interested in signing with the Bills.  Hopefully after his visit today there will be some progress towards reaching a deal.  This would be a good signing for the Bills and one that will give the fan base something to cheer about because it has been relatively quiet on One Bills Drive for a few weeks now.