Chris Denton’s Recent Combine Experience

Chris Denton 4

NFL Draft Series by PFC Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

As part of the rookie’s blogs here at ProFootballCentral we continue to talk with potential NFL hopefuls. Today we had a chance to catch up with Mount Union Wide Receiver Chris Denton about his recent combine experience.

CB: How was your recent combine experience in New Jersey?

CD: The combine was a great experience for me.  There was roughly about seventy receivers there competing.  Everyone was talented and put up great numbers.  It was a great learning experience for me at the same time.  I was able to learn a few things from scouts and bettered myself because of it.  I am just truly thankful that I stood out enough to get an invite to the Super Regional Combine in a few weeks.

CB: You had mentioned that you put up good numbers, what did you feel you excelled at during the combine?

CD: I felt that I really excelled at my route running abilities.  I was very crisp coming out of my breaks as well as running the actual routes.  I was able to snag every single pass that came my way, so I’m definitely proud of that because it shows I also have good hands and catching abilities.  We ran a few different routes while at the combine, we ran slants, 10 yard out routes, dig routes and 15 curl routes.  All of which are NFL type of routes, I had been preparing for those during my training down in Florida so it came natural.  Overall I felt I did very well considering the talent that was there.

CB: Is there anything that you liked or disliked about the combine?

CD: I really liked that there were scouts there that were willing to help you out and give you advice and help better yourself.  They were able to talk to us as a group about coming out of our breaks better during our route running.  There really aren’t any dislikes about the combine, I’m just thankful that I had the opportunity to attend and compete against others.

CB:  So how does it feel to get an invite to the regional combine?

CD: I was really excited when they called me and told me that I have been given the invite to the Super Regional Combine.  I didn’t doubt myself but I knew the competition was great and it was a privilege to get invited at this point.  My whole family was so happy for me and telling me they were going to continue to pray for me and my success at the next level.  I’m going to do everything that I can to finish it and help try to provide for my family.  They have given me so much, this is the least that I can do.

CB: Now since the combine has come and gone, what have you been doing?

CD: Honestly, after the combine I took a few days to let my body rest.  Once those few days were over I got right back into working out and bettering myself.  It helps that I have another combine and have to make sure that I better myself, working out everyday.  I want to continue working on my route running and getting out of my breaks faster.  Overall, I want to make sure that my techniques are the best that they can be before the combine.

CB:  Well thank you for taking the time to speak with us again about your combine experience, we wish you the best of luck in the Super Regional Combine on April 7th and look forward to hearing about how it went afterwards.

CD: Thank you Chris, I appreciate that and I’ll let you guys know how everything goes.

For all those interested, be sure to check and follow Chris on twitter, his handle is @ChrisUNODenton.  Please be sure to check back for more interviews with Chris as well as more NFL hopefuls on ProFootballCentral.