49ers’ QB Situation

With a Super Bowl appearance under his belt, Colin Kaepernick is already one of the best bargains in the NFL.

Who will be Colin Kaepernick’s backup?

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PFC Blogger: Shakeel Khan

The San Francisco 49ers are looking for a quality backup for Colin Kaepernick.  Rumors are that coach Jim Harbaugh is looking at QB Pat White.  That would be a huge  mistake, given White’s past history.  As the 44th overall pick in 2009, White was a big disappointment in the NFL and the Miami Dolphins severed ties with him after one year.  Everyone deserves a second chance, but the 49ers need a veteran who is able to step in and take over if anything were to happen to Kaepernick.  A Super Bowl caliber team usually has two solid quarterbacks and I am not sure that Pat White fits the bill.  White may be able to pick up the read option scheme, but will he be able to make the throws that are necessary to help the 49ers win games?  That is something most San Francisco fans probably don’t want to have to find out.  Colin Kaepernick is still very young and he needs a mentor that could help him develop his game – not someone who is trying to make a comeback in the NFL.