PFC Rookie Blogs: Nik Embernate OL San Diego St. University


Nik Embernate (Photo courtesy of SDSU)

Yesterday I had my Pro day here at San Diego State. Going into the day it was very nerve racking and I will admit, I was nervous heading in. Once we got onto the field and started working out I calmed down and was very happy with my results. I feel I worked out very well and did some impressive work. I want to keep improving and continuing to put my best foot forward.

Now that my Pro Day is complete I am going to do some relaxing before I get back to work. I will continue to work out and condition to stay in shape for workouts with teams. I have scheduled some workouts with teams, which I am extremely excited about. Next week I will head to Detroit to work out for the Lions. On the second week of April, I will travel to Arizona to work out for the Cardinals. I have also been in contact with the Dolphins. I am hoping my performance at the Pro Day continues to open up doors with more teams. I will continue to take the process one day at a time and continue to work hard at the opportunities I receive

Every player that enters the draft has strengths and weaknesses that make them the players they are. I feel my best attributes as a player are that I have an aggressive and physical approach to the game. The offensive line is a fierce place of combat. My goal on every play is to play hard and to knock a player out. One player I like to watch play that brings that style is Richie Incognito. When he plays, he brings the same aggressive physical approach that I like to play with. Another player I enjoyed watching that shared that similar style was Kris Dielman when he played with the Chargers. Another attribute I am comfortable with and am strong at is run blocking. There are also some weaknesses I know I can have when playing. One thing I will continue to improve on is lowering my pad level. Sometimes I can play with a high pad level and is something I need to improve on at the NFL level.

The draft process has been very great, but also nerve racking. On the days of the draft I’m not too sure if I will be watching or doing much of anything. I know my nerves will be racing, but it will be very exciting. To help take my mind off things I may take the Joe Thomas approach on the draft days. I’m thinking of going to the shooting range with my Dad and just enjoying the opportunity. Wherever this process continues to take me, I will continue to put my best foot forward and take advantage of the opportunity.