PFC Rookie Blogs: Aaron Hester CB UCLA



Last week I was very happy with my performance at the UCLA Pro Day.  I improved in all my testing results compared to the NFL Combine.  In the time from the Combine until the Pro Day last week on the 12th, my main focus was to improve my numbers.   During the combine I had a Flu bug and wasn’t able to perform at the level I wanted too.  At my Pro Day I was much healthier and was able to run a 4.4 40 time. The combine consisted of a lot of strenuous hours included with meeting and tests.   All this can drain you out before you actually get on the field and perform for NFL scouts and coaches.

There is a lot of training I am going through right now to prepare for the NFL Draft and the NFL.  Currently I am working out with the UCLA strength and conditioning coach. On Monday, Wednesday, & Friday I got my lifting and weight training in.  I also work position drills on these day.  On Tuesdays and Thursday is mainly conditioning work and a lot of running.  In preparation for my Pro Day and the Combine my diet has been much stricter.  I don’t eat a lot of the stuff I was able to in college.  I played my last college game at 208 lbs. and weighed in at 198 lbs. at the combine.

Having Coach Mora as my head coach in college has been very helpful in the NFL draft process.  He has experience in the NFL as a head coach and has given me some good advice through it all.  The process can get very hectic and nerve-racking and he is a great mentor to have there for you.  He is definitely the best coach I’ve been around.  He is a great life coach and when you re talking to him it’s almost as if you’re talking to one of your best friends.

There are a few players I admire in the NFL and look up to.  Charles Woodson has always been one of my favorites, he is one of the greatest play making corners and I grow up watching him do it.  When I was working out in Arizona for the combine I got the opportunity to work with Darrelle  Revis and is another that I love watching play.  Overall I admire the guys that are humble players.  Guys that take care of their business on the field but are all around great people and that is want I want to become in the NFL.