BW Webb William & Mary Cornerback





By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen


Coming from a small school BW Webb could have been easily overlooked, However Webb caught the nation’s eye with his first collegiate start coming up with three interceptions vs Virginia. That year he was named Defensive Freshman of the Year for the CAA.  He would continue to shine as he became a two time 1st team All-CAAand the 2012 CAA Special Teams Player of the Year awhile being a four year starter.


BW Webb is an instinctive corner who thrives in zone coverage. Keeps his eyes in focused on the QB and reacts quickly  Has a good feel for his zone and can react to the ball quickly.  Has a tremendous vertical leap of 40.5 inches and has an ability to get his hands on the ball at its highest point. Has enough athletic ability to recover quickly.


Did not play much man coverage and is suspect to double moves.  Needs to work on his press as he is quickly beat. At the senior bowl practices he was routinely beat by not getting a punch off the snap on the receiver.


Webb comes in at 5’10 and 184 lbs. He finds himself on the smaller side. Those his athletic ability makes up for his size as he has a 40.5 inch vertical and had 14 reps at the combine, a good number for 184 lb man.  At the combine he ran a 4.51 40 and had a 3.84 short shuttle. Webb also has 30 1/4 inch arms which helps him get his hand on the ball.


Four year starter. 3 time All ACC, 2 of those years 1st team.  As a freshman was 2nd in nation with 8 ins.

Man Coverage:

Was not asked to play much man  at William & Mary. Will need to work on being glued to a defender. At the senior bowl was caught following receivers quick into the route due to not having a quick back pedal. Yet, he can flip his hips and run with the defender.

Zone Coverage:

This is where Webb shows his most promise. Sitting and reacting to the quarterback. Has a very good burst that closes the gap on the receiver and ball.  Also playing zone he was aware of holding the sideline keeping backs and receivers with the ball inside and push them to his team, not letting them have the sideline and a big play.

Tackling  and Run Support:

Shys away from blockers and is not an aggressive tackler. Usually lets ball carries come to him instead of attacking.  Will put himself out of position. Has enough speed to chase down from behind. Does not fight through blocks on screens to blow it up. Usually waits for chance to make tackle rather than create it.


Slow off the snap and does not get his hands on receiver quickly. Will over extend and lose balance while trying to engage receiver.

Return Game:

Has ability to return punts. Was a 3rd team special team choice by coaches in the Colonial Athletic Association. Has good vision while returning. May lack ideal quickness in the return game.

Scheme and Draft Projection:

BW Webb is a corner who was not asked to play very much man coverage making his best scheme a Cover two team. Has ability to play nickle corner, but may not see the field as an outside corner. His best fit may be at free safety where he could use his ability to become a ballhawk.  Look for Webb to be drafted late on the second day.