John Dorsey and Andy Reid are Executing Their Plan Beautifully

Today, the Kansas City Chiefs made a move that their fans have been pushing for since the beginning of February: They came to an agreement with former Dolphins CB Sean Smith.

Before free agency started, Sean Smith was thought of to be the top free agent Cornerback set to hit the market, but all was quiet on where Smith may end up until late last night, when Andy Reid told the Kansas City media that they were courting a defensive player after the Alex Smith press conference. Then, the speculation began. SaveOurChiefs was the first to report of Smith being in Kansas City, and then after the Chiefs cleared $5.8 million in cap space by releasing QB Matt Cassel, they came to an agreement with Smith. The deal is for three-years, and is worth $18 million. $11 million of that guaranteed.

Now, the Chiefs have three defensive backs who all matchup well vs. the Broncos new-look WR group.

Yesterday, Denver added superstar WR Wes Welker, and Chiefs Nation automatically started to panic, wondering how they would matchup against such a potent passing game within their division. But with the recent signings of Dunta Robinson and Sean Smith, they now have their answer. John Dorsey and Andy Reid refused to sit back and watch their arch rival and competitor within the division build a Super Bowl contender, and then not come back and improve their own team, like Scott Pioli did last season. Instead, they responded with a big singing of their own which will simply help them matchup better against their competition.

Kansas City’s defense was good to begin with in 2011 with 5 pro bowlers on that side of the ball. Now that they’ve added a possible Nickel Cornerback/Free Safety Dunta Robinson, run stuffing DE Mike Devito, and now, arguably the best CB on the market in Sean Smith, their defense, when playing to its full potential can be a top 5 defense.

If John Dorsey and Andy Reid can give the Chiefs some more depth on both sides of the ball, the Chiefs roster will head into the draft with only a few needs. Kansas City may not be contending for a Super Bowl just yet, but its safe to say that if this team plays to its full potential they can be serious playoff contenders.

It’s simplistic. John Dorsey and Andy Reid made a plan when they came to Kansas City. And now, they are executing it beautifully.

-Aaron Mannicci
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