Would Adding Goldson Keep Ronde Away?

By PFC Bucs Blogger Jamie Kiefer

Its been reported that the Bucs want to bring Ronde Barber back. Last season, they moved him from his longtime position at cornerback to safety. Dashon Goldson has been linked to the Bucs by many sources, and a deal for him is expected to be done sometime today. But with the addition of Goldson, and the presence of young standout Mark Barron, does that leave room for a Ronde Barber return?


The Bucs use a lot of three safety coverage in their dime defense. Barber wouldn’t have to play every down, instead leaving that to the younger players, but still getting in his time on the field. He could play a hybrid corner-safety position in the dime defense, as Coach Schiano utilized that defense a lot in his first year at the helm.

The Bucs pass defense was deplorable last season. An obvious upgrade is needed. Goldson, a big, physical player, would fit in well. Add him with Barron, and you’ve got a pretty decent one-two combo at the safety position, especially in the NFC South with receivers like Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, Steve Smith, and Julio Jones. However, there is no reason not to bring Ronde back. His experience would obviously play a huge factor, and while he might be losing his legs, there’s no doubt he can still play.

Nothing is official with Goldson yet, but if he does sign, the Bucs secondary improves immediately. But who would deny one of the greatest secondary players of all time the opportunity to return? His playing time would diminish, but he would still be a key piece of the puzzle. Even if the Bucs add Goldson, look for them to continue to reach out to Ronde.