Jarvis Jones Cleared To Play Without Restriction

By Lead PFC Draft Writer Jason Davis

Jarvis Jones


Early Sunday, NFL teams around the league received great news on one of the best linebackers in this upcoming draft class. Jarvis Jones has been “cleared to play without restriction” and the neck issue that people questioned earlier this year, will be a non-issue on draft day.

Leading orthopedist Craig Brigham refutes that Jones never had a significant spinal cord contusion. When he was at Southern Cal he was diagnosed with one, and missed the remaining part of the year. He followed up playing the next two years at Georgia without any issues.

Brigham concluded that Jones either had a very mild incident of spinal cord concussion or merely a stinger that has long since resolved. If another similar injury occurs, Brigham concluds it would not be a career ending issue.

There is now little chance that Jones falls out of the top-10 in this year’s draft. Teams like the Browns at No. 6, the Bills at No. 8 or the Jets at No.9 should have plenty of interest in Jones. I highly doubt he gets by the Bills at No. 8 following this news.